The Christian Civic League of Maine–A Hate Group


Here is what The Christian Civic League of Maine tried to get on the ballot:

The proposal would have banned same-sex marriage and civil unions, wipe out existing laws giving limited rights to gay and lesbian couples, removed LGBT protections under the state’s Human Rights Act, and would remove funding from the Attorney General’s Office to investigate discrimination claims.

Luckily it didn’t even come close to making it to the ballot.  They needed 55,000 signatures and got around 5,000.  And if the numbers are anything like California, up to 20% of those are fake.  Good job Maine. 

But the goals of the Christian Civic League of Maine are the goals of people like Stacy Harp, and Mark at Chesterstreet, and Randy Thomassen and all the rest.  They want to see us without rights at all.  They don’t want us recognized as being human.  As I teach in my Race, Ethnicity and Immigration course, when one group of people decide that another group is not human, then it makes it easier to treat them as animals.  This is what the anti-gay activists are working towards.  But it isn’t working.  The Christian Civic League of Maine found that out.  Their hatred reveals the true side of the rest of the anti-gay activists.   Stacy Harp can go around recruiting people to her anti-gay cause and lie about persecution against the Christians, but this is real persecution and discrimination.  When one group tries to make it illegal for the persecuted group to even try and get justice (like what is happening with the Hate Crime debate) then that should set off warning bells, and it reveals the true nature of these people. 

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