The Christian Civic League of Maine–Financial Statement 2006

It is interesting that the hate group, the Christian Civic League of Maine, could not get their ballot initiative up and running because it has "neither enough funds nor enough volunteer support to continue the effort."  Interesting.  Because if you look at the financial statement of this hate group, they seem to be getting enough money.  The problem is most of it is pocketed by the leader of this hate group, Mike Heath.  You can go to and see their financial statements yourself.  It is public knowledge.

In 2006, according to the IRS tax records, this group collected almost $236,000.  However, they managed to spend over $255,000 on their expenses, leaving them with nearly a $20,000 deficit.  How can this happen?

Well, it turns out that Michael Heath is the main recipient for most of this money.  According to Statement 3 (page 12 of the IRS filing) he got paid $49,000 for Program services, $10,500 for Management and General, and $10,500 for Fundraising.  That comes to $70,000.  That was his salary.  So he takes 1/3 of the money collected right off the top.  That leaves about $166,000 left.  The tax form also states that that group paid another $71,000 in other salaries to an unnamed person or persons.  The tax form does not state where all of this money went to.  So you have $141,000 going to salaries for a group that collected $236,000.  That leaves just $70,000 for them to spread their hate.  Thus 2/3 of the money they collect goes to at least 2 people.  And that doesn’t include the $15,000 that was paid for Employee benefits.  That leaves $55,000. 

Let’s look at where they spent the rest of their money (and then some, since they spent more than they collected):

Supplies:  ~$3,600

Telephone ~$5,300

Postage and shipping ~$4,300

Occupancy ~$9,600

Equipment and maintenance ~$2,622

Printing and publications ~$5,700

Travel ~$2,300

Other expenses–a whopping ~$50,000!  I’ll break this down in a bit

So with $55,000 they had left over, they managed to spend $83,422!!!  Jesus!  Can you believe that Mike Heath has the guts to say they didn’t have enough money for their hateful ballot issue???

What I also find interesting is that they have been selling some stock at quite the loss in 2005 (discussed below) and in 2006.  In 2006 they had something called Putnam Asset Allocation Balanced B.  They sold $15,137 of this stock on June 6, 2006.  The cost and expense to sell this was $13,707!!!  The gain for them was only $1,430.  Now who sells a stock in which 90% of it goes to expenses?  There is something very fishy about this.  Who sold it for them?  Who made all of that money on this selling? 

O.k., let’s get back to the nearly $50,000 that they spent on other expenses.  I’m not going to break it all down.  But they claim there were ~$10,000 in members/constituency expenses; they only spent $640 on the Coalition on Marriage; $7,000 on professional fees; nearly $13,000 on advertising, ~$2,000 on bank fees and just over $6,000 on ‘technology.’ 


So there you go.  The people of Maine who gave their money to this hate group should be aware of where their hard-earned money went–right into the pocket of Mike Heath.  This group, led by him, can certainly outspend what is taken in.  If you look at their 2005 tax returns, the brought in $391,869 and then spent $398,881.  And despite the fact that the group brought in quite a bit less in 2006, Mike Heath still got a $10,000 increase in his salary in 2006.  They also sold off more of that Putnam Asset Allocation Balanced B fund.  This time they sold it for $9,415 and they actually had a loss of nearly $600 after they sold it!!!  I’m telling you, there is something fishy going on with those funds.  Who on earth would sell a stock at a loss? 

And what kind of Christian group can whine about not having enough funds when in fact they have lots of funds, it just wasn’t enough to pay the leaders more and more?  This isn’t a Christian group.  It is a fraud group set up for one or two people to benefit.  I can’t believe the government allows this to happen…

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One Response to The Christian Civic League of Maine–Financial Statement 2006

  1. Rob says:

    If the government stepped in to stop this type of fraud, they\’d be shutting down almost all of the churches too.

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