The Right to Discriminate???

In the now missing comment by Debra JM Smith (preserved on my blog), she says something that is right in line with her character, but is pretty disturbing:

As for not being discriminated against? We all should have the right to discriminate as our consciences and or faith beliefs, if not even our own comfort levels, lead us to. This is a free nation. If we do not fight for our rights to discriminate within our own lives and our businesses, etc., we stand to lose that right.

Should everyone have the right to discriminate? How about if we start with discrimination against Christians.  Those who don’t like Christians should be able to tell them to get lost and that they won’t be served or housed or anything else.  After all, this is really what Debra JM Smith really wants, isn’t it?  A business should not have to cater to Christians, especially if the owners do not like what Christians are doing to this country.  A business should have the right, according to Smith, to discriminate against other religions too, and other forms of Christianity.  And what about the right to discriminate against those people who are different colors that we don’t like?  Or what about gender?  Should a man really serve a woman in a cafe?  Not according to the world of Debra JM Smith. 

Talk about an insane world she wants.  Imagine what it would be like if everyone refused to work with those they don’t like or possibly don’t like.  It would be chaos.  It would be the south in the 1950s.  It would be like Germany in the early 1940s.  Everyone would be fighting.  That is the world that Debra JM Smith is really advocating for. "If we don’t fight to discriminate, we stand to lose that right to discriminate?"  Clearly she believes she has the right to discriminate now.  This is a weird statement coming from a woman.  She wouldn’t know about the women’s rights movement, but the only way she can have a blog and write the way she does is because of the fact that people are not allowed to discriminate against someone based on gender.  She is a benefactor of that, but she just doesn’t understand it.  Sad, really.  But not surprising coming from her.

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2 Responses to The Right to Discriminate???

  1. Iamthebeast Sssotlohiefmjn says:

    I discriminate in housing. I refuse to let illegal mexicans in. I advertise on my property and or by picture in background of property. I also wont take in any cops, or government people and cant stand revenuers. I got creed that says no contracts, no reciepts, no refunds of any charities to my hands. Besides this I rule my mail box and return to sender any misguided letters not named with my mark on them someway. I wont have ones I cant stand and refuse them or cast them out. Its my house and my land and the government can go where the sun do not shine and the temperature is hellish; I will assist them to get there soon enough.

  2. kkaatz1 says:

    I feel sorry for your tenants.

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