Peter LaBarbera Condemns, and Bomb Threat

Is there a connection here?  On June 12 Peter LaBarbera and his hatesite condemns a tv station in Chicago for celebrating Pride Month.  Here is a bit of what Peter LaBarbera had to say:

“It is unconscionable that WTTW would show such blatant disregard for its faith- and tradition-minded viewers that it would use anti-Christian programs celebrating homosexuality for its fund-raising telethons,” LaBarbera said. “Public television must be impartial on controversial moral issues. We call on WTTW and PBS to balance their pro-homosexual programming with faith-based educational material from the other side, or stop it altogether.”



WTTW talks a good game about diversity, but it shows profound disrespect for people of faith and real diversity with its bigoted, one-sided programming on homosexuality,” LaBarbera said. “We expect PBS and WTTW officials to fix this bias problem.”

He urges his readers to call the station and complain.  Well, a few did call.  And to be fair, people called the station before Peter LaBarbera made his condemnation.  And what did they call about?  They made a bomb threat.  One of my friends, Timothy State, mentions this threat.   He took part in the fundraising and he also mentions "the occasional threatening call."   

So Peter goes on and on about the threat to so-called Christians like himself, but he has said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the bomb threat or the threatening phone calls.  And I think it is hilarious that he wants PBS to be impartial about ‘moral issues.’   Well Peter, the problem with that is that gay and lesbian issues have nothing to do with morals, especially the morals that you think you think you are upholding. 

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