If Only…


…Stacy Harp could live according to her own words:

"I’m pretty confident most of these people were never taught that old saying, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.”"

This has to be the funniest thing I have read in years.  She can’t say anything nice about anyone.  She just can’t.  Take for example her revenge blog on Jeremy Cooper from www.goodasyou.org.  She shows pictures of Jeremy and his partner (both are very cute, by the way).  She makes it sound like she actually cares that Jeremy was rejected by his family.  But she really doesn’t.  In fact, she rubs it in.  Here is what that good, loving so-called Christian ex-lesbian has to say about Jeremy:

From what I gather from this video about Jeremy, his story is that he is rejected and abandoned by his family for being homosexual. As a result of that, he takes out his hurt on the world by writing against all pro-family people. He obsesses with what the “anti-gay” crowd says. Well, except for me – well, except today, he did write this long post to garner sympathy for himself and his eternal state of victim hood.


Notice the word ‘victimhood.’  So Jeremy is a victim because his family rejected him (and I should do a bit of background on this because I don’t know if this is the truth or not–coming from Stacy it is highly suspicious!).  He isn’t a victim because of people with views like Stacy. Nope.  He is a victim because he fights back against the ignorance and hate put out by people like Stacy.  Talk about twisting words!

Her vanity and pride also show up in her post about Jeremy.  Stacy is only interested in becoming ‘famous’ and like most wanna-be celebrities, she will stop at nothing to get there.  Fortunately for us, the time for the anti-gay crowd is just about over.  Their views are rapidly becoming very unpopular, much like the views of Jerry Falwell on segregation became unpopular (and miraculously enough he changed his views–I guess the scent of money was just too strong).  She says this:

"It will be fun to see the snarky comments the homosexuals will leave about this."

Yes, this should be a good indication of what she is writing and why she writes.  She does it to get a reaction.  She likes getting a reaction because then all of a sudden she becomes the persecuted.  And she just went to a conference on the persecuted, so she has been well-trained on doing what it takes to become one of them.  It is self-fulfilling, and knowing the history of Christianity, you aren’t a persecuted Christian if you set it up to be persecuted just to say you were persecuted.  You are just someone who likes attention. 

My wish is that Stacy would start living by her words: “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all."  Since she certainly hasn’t taken her own advice in the past…

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One Response to If Only…

  1. Scott says:

    She might as well give up her dreams of bring famous – unless Jim Henson\’s sons plans on doing a real-life version of the Muppets.  Then she can audition for Miss Piggy\’s role.
    Otherwise, she\’ll always be a hideous pentecostal woman with an overinflated ego.  Like ALL pentecostal women. 

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