Another Wish from Debra JM Smith

Debra JM Smith, the woman who wants to throw everyone on an island (I told this to my husband-to-be Doug and he laughed and said he wished she would send us both first class tickets to Australia!), has some comments about the Heinz ad that was pulled in the U.K.  I thought it was a cute ad.  Good for Heinz.  However, they pulled it because 200 people called and complained.  Bad for Heinz.  Regardless, here is what Debra JM Smith had to say about it:


Heinz Pulls UK Ad
With Two Men Kissing and Children Calling One, "MUM"

Commentary: I called Heinz and asked about the ad. The person told me that the ad was pulled due to calls coming in about it. However, I would like to know why Heinz made the ad to begin with. I will not buy their products again, until they answer that question and say, "sorry," for what they did. I had to remove the youtube video from this page of mine, because it had a second show linked to it that was very bad. Ya know, I just don’t see how homosexuals can stomach what they do. It is just gross! God is going to clean up this earth some day, and they will not be here anymore. I look very forward to that day.  …Debra

I just wish she would really stand up for her views and stop using everything which has a gay-affirming policy.  That means her computers, her programs, and so on. Sure, she’ll stop eating ketchup, but do you think she’ll stop using her computer???

How can we stomach what we do?  I won’t comment on the intelligence it took to write something like that.  Remember, this is written by the same woman who believed there was a drug that a parent can take that will allow them to have sex and healthy children with their own children. 

And the earth will be clean of us?  I guess she thinks that she will be here when all of us are taken away–after all, she is so clean and pure and loving.  So much for letting God make that decision…

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3 Responses to Another Wish from Debra JM Smith

  1. Justin says:

    Debra said:
    "Ya know, I just don\’t see how homosexuals can stomach what they do. It is just gross!"
    Ya know Debra, I have lots of straight friends and lord do they like to talk about what goes on in the bedroom and I absolutely cannot see how you straight people can stomach what you do with fruits and vegetables.  I heard a story about peach slices and whipped cream that I would not even go into, lets just say I dont eat peaches and cream anymore. Oh Im sure Debra just lays there like the good little missonary while her man gets his jollies mhmmm sure you do Debra.
    Come to think of it Debra might make a good none.  No, thats not a mispelling it just means let them that dont want none have weet memories of never not getting any. 🙂

  2. Lynn says:

    actually, Debra used to spend all her days and night on AOL chat rooms under the name pinkpearl3737, and she is no one to judge anyone lemme tell ya. She LOVES to discuss sex (graphic) with men who are not her husband, called men (some married) at all hours of the night while her husband was sleeping, tries to break up others\’ marriages and relationships, cruelly harassed and bullied people, threatened people with the mafia, called young teenage girls tramps and sluts, and a slew of other ungodly behavior too. It was constant. She was just entertainment for most…like watching a freak show. Her seething hatred seems to be rooted in jealousy of other women, and maybe even men that have other men\’s attention. She wants all men\’s attention to herself, believes it is, and becomes very aggressive if this delusion is threatened. She is estranged from her own parents claiming her Mother was jealous of her and even her Father wanted her more than her own Mother. I have seen her become furious over a married man \’betraying\’ her to his own wife by trying to put his wife first. That is how wacked she is. She does not go to church, is a paranoid recluse, and just a plain nut. Don\’t let her bother you!

  3. Kevin says:

    Hi Lynn,Thanks for the info. Very interesting…

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