David Benkof is Back…

Not that David Benkof ever went away.  This man, who describes himself as "openly bisexual, but as an Orthodox Jew he is guided by Jewish law in the areas of sexuality and family life."  Today I opened up the paper to see that the Chronicle published an "Open Forum" written by him.  It is an interesting article, to say the least.  Mr. Benkof is pretty proud of the fact that his essay made it so high up in the printing chain (he titles his post today:  Best marriage-essay placement yet").  That isn’t a bad thing.  I like to tell people when I get a letter published to the editor. However, I don’t think that Mr. Benkof is going to get the praise he desires, mostly because his article is a blatant, ignorant attack on gays and lesbians.  It is blatant because he comes out swinging in the very first paragraph:

I argue against same-sex marriage in part because I think the gay and lesbian community barely understands marriage, particularly the part about fidelity.

It is ignorant because instead of giving any statistics, his article is based on stereotypes and a few blogs/websites that he looked at to gather his information.  For example, he makes the argument that gays and lesbians are stating that their marriages will be different because they will have multiple partners after getting married.  O.k., but what proof does he give for this?  A blog.  A website.  This website contains over 400 articles, and Mr. Benkof talks about a couple of them and ignores the rest (sounds like he learned his ‘pick and choose’ work from the other anti-gay activists out there).  I think the San Francisco Chronicle printed this to show what Mr. Benkof is really about–taking away the rights of gays and lesbians.  I too just sent in A Letter to the Editor about Mr. Benkof:

Dear Editor,

I’m not sure why you decided to print an editorial written by David Benkof.  He spends quite a bit of time attacking gays and lesbians, especially on marriage because he feels that the marriage issue takes away the focus of what gays and lesbians should really be focusing on–equal rights.  Unfortunately Mr. Benkof never discusses what these equal rights are because he is too busy attacking gays and lesbians everywhere.   

What does the right of marriage have to do with fidelity in the gay community?  Mr. Benkof, I would argue, does not really know the gay community.  He gives no statistics on how many gays and lesbians either believe or not believe in monogamy after marriage.  He just extrapolates from a few blogs and websites and makes his judgement based on that.  This sounds like shoddy research to me.  He wrote his article based on stereotypes.  And it can hurt a lot of people who have been fighting for the right to marry.  He also states something that I have not heard of coming from the gay community–that gay marriage will be different from straight marriage because of the monogamy issue.  I don’t know what circles Mr. Benkof runs in, but I suggest he do some actual research before his next attack on gays and lesbians. 


Dr. Kevin Kaatz

The problem with what he wrote, even though it isn’t based in reality, is that it will cause gays and lesbians problems.  As I just wrote to one of my friends, this David Benkof cannot be gay (well, his actual definition is bisexual, meaning he is attracted to men and women).  How could someone who is attracted to men attack them mercilessly, over and over?  He is dangerous, that much is certain.  Just the other day he had this to say:

I rarely talk about my specific religious beliefs about the Torah’s obligations on Jews in the area of gay sex, nor do I spend much time specifically spelling out the disturbing evidence that a signicant minority of the gay and lesbian community has no objection to adult-child sex.

For me this is equal to the "sex-with-babies" garbage that Guy Adams spouted.  And that alone should disqualify him for writing on behalf of the gay and lesbian community.  Again, he won’t be able to come up with any statistics, only stereotypes.  It is sad that papers across the country are printing these articles.  But it will lead to a discussion, that is certain.  And I hope people question the real motives of David Benkof. 

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6 Responses to David Benkof is Back…

  1. Robert says:

    My problem with Benkof has little to do with his views, which I believe are nuts. However what this guy has been exposed of, is being a liar. He has no journalistic integrity, and no one should take him seriously.
    The language he uses is very familiar to me. He seems like someone who is dealing with having been or still is a "ex-gay".

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Rob,
    Yep, he is a pretty sad character.  The bad thing is that newspapers around the country are using him.  The good thing is that it exposes him for what he really is. 

  3. Justin says:

    I have no problem with Mr. Bianco aka Benkof.  He is a publicity slut who thought changing his name would be in his best interest.
    My question is when he finds that female relationship he talked about how is he going to explain to his kids that daddy use play like he was a woman for other men.
    Perhaps Mr. Bianco aka Benkof sees a problem because he could n ot be faithful to anyone.   Oh well.

  4. Wood says:

    He\’s Bi-Sexual. That fact all alone disqualifies him from speaking about fidelity for any human any where at any time.

  5. Unknown says:

    Benkof talks about Jewish law concerning same-sex relations, and in the same blog entry, claims that "a subset of the gay community has no objection to adult-child sex".  What he doesn\’t talk about, is what Jewish law says concerning adult-child sex.
    Of course, "the law of the land is law" would halachically forbid any adult-child relations forbidden by secular law, but if those secular laws were repealed or overturned, what would Mosaic Law have to say?

  6. Kevin says:

    Hey there.  Benkof picks and chooses what he wants to believe.  He is having so many problems right now with his credibility that I don\’t believe anything he says.  His statement about gays wanting sex with children is going to land him in more hot water than he realizes.  He sounds like an ex-gay to me…

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