The End is Near? Hardly…

There is a sense of panic among some anti-gay activists recently.  This is partly due to the law change in California.  Now some think that the end is near.  Every natural disaster that is occurring is because of gays and lesbians getting married.  You can see the comments here at TalkWisdom:

We didn’t get any earthquakes yet, but lightening fires (reminiscent of Sodom and Gomorrah?) in Northern CA started just after same-sex marriages started taking place here in our state! Yikes! Is there a connection? (June 26, 2008 8:44:00 AM PDT)

This was written by Christine, the writer of this blog. 

The next one is written by a man who is practically begging for the end to come (written June 27, 2008):

It is hard to keep up with all that is happening so fast. America has declared war on God and is doing everything to offend God’s holiness. The Lord is responding with ever increasing judgment. His judgments are like the incoming tide: it relentlessly comes until it is high tide. We are nearly at high tide. The judgments that started over Israel and homosexual marriage continue. There is little let up and expect it to continue nonstop. America’s food supply is being touched; plus entire states like California and Iowa.

Schwarzenegger calls on Bush for aid in California fires 6/27/8 Just 12 days after homosexual marriage, California is burning up with fires out of control.

Big Sur Threatened by Raging Wildfire as 1,000 Blazes Burn in Calif. 6/27/8 Over 1000 fires have started since California legalized homosexual marriage. More lightening storms are on the way which triggers these fires.

Midwest levee breaks, corn price at new high 6/27/8


He also writes this:


Sex OK at 9, says Saudi cleric 6/27/8

Is this what we want in America: allowing 9 year old girls to marry old men? That is exactly what Muhammad did, and the Muslims follow him as their great prophet. If they ever get in power, you expect this will come to America. Islam is a great danger to our nation in many ways.

Clearly Mr. McTernan has no knowledge of Christian history.  Saint Augustine had a marriage arranged between himself and a 12 year old girl. However, he could not marry her because the girl had to be 14.  So Christians marrying girls at 14?  Is this what we can expect if the Christians take over this country???  And look at the founder of Christianity–he was a male that never married and never was interested in having sex…

In "honor" of them, I have re-written a section of the San Francisco Chronicle that I always enjoy reading.  It is called Earthweek (you can see the original article here, under California Firestorms).  Today’s paper mentioned the firestorms in California.  Oddly enough, the original article did not list gay marriage as a reason for these devastating fires!  But this is what Christine and Mr. McTernan would really like to believe is happening:

An unprecedented outbreak of lightning strikes ignited more than 800 wildfires in a single day across Northern California.  A record dry spring followed by early summer heat and freak electrical storms and gay marriages were responsible for one of the worst days for wildfires in the state’s history. 

Now does that sound utterly ridiculous or not?  I would laugh, except these people are serious.  The word ‘brainwash’ keeps coming to mind…

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3 Responses to The End is Near? Hardly…

  1. Robert says:

    I have seen Peter LaBarbera use the same argument against gays, claiming they are pedophiles. However if ones looks at soceity, it becomes obvious that in earlier soceities, marrying and having sex came at a earlier age.
    The religipous right looks more ridicllous than anything when they say things like this.

  2. Unknown says:

    After reading about what is happening in California because of gay marriage, it looks like God must be playing favorites.  After several years of legal gay marriage here in Massachusetts, we have not had any earthquakes, have not had multiple lightning induced fires, we have no drought, as a matter of fact from what I see in the news this part of the country is paradise in comparison.

  3. Kevin says:

    Maybe the gays and lesbians in California are just more wicked than those is Mass?  🙂

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