The Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment and the Ultimate Hypocrits

It didn’t take the Republicans very long to say they were going to try again to change the U.S. Constitution to state that marriage can only be between a man and a woman.  Some of the sponsors of this anti-gay marriage amendment are interesting to say the least.  Senator Larry Craig is one of them.  If you remember, Larry Craig was arrested in a bathroom in an airport for trying to have sex with men.  He came out with his poor wife and said he wasn’t gay.  It turns out this isn’t the first time that the ‘straight’ senator propositioned men for sex.  (Do all straight guys do this?)

The other Republican winner of the Hypocrisy Award is Senator David Vitter.  Remember him?  He was involved with the big prostitution ring and he too dragged his poor wife up on stage.  So he was having sex with prostitutes (meaning he paid for sex). 

These are two of the sponsors for the ‘marriage is only for a man and a woman.’  I notice Vitter really didn’t say that it was for ‘a wife’ but for a woman.  Interesting.  And here are two pictures that are absolutely hilarious about these two men.  There were put up by Jesus’ General:


Anti Gay marriage amendment Craig

Anti Gay marriage amendment Vitter

These two pictures say it all…

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2 Responses to The Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment and the Ultimate Hypocrits

  1. Justin says:

    It should warm the cockels:) of every republicans heart to know that these to are the guardians of their family values.
    I still find it rather odd that the parties of family values is filled with closet queens and just all around perverts and they keep on electing them I shudder to think what goes on in their bedrooms :0

  2. Rob says:

    It looks like they corrected the spelling of marriage on the graphics.  I can\’t believe no one noticed earlier.

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