So Many Friends, So Many Babies…

There must be something in the air, and it isn’t the joy of being able to get married.  Many of our friends are having babies.  Ginny and Amy are about to give birth to their first child.  The due date is July 17.  We went to our first baby shower a couple of weeks ago to celebrate with them.

Earlier this year our good friends Lewis and Shane traveled to the U.S. to be here when their baby was born.  His name is Jonathan and he is just beautiful!  Lewis and Shane will be coming to the U.S. again early next year for their second baby.

We also had an M.D. friend of Lewis and Shane stay with us late last year who was here in the U.S. and was getting ready to have his own baby.

Also earlier this year we went to a brunch and another set of friends just adopted a boy from Vietnam.  The discussion that occurred during this brunch was on the adoption process.

I also have another friend and his wife who just adopted a baby boy from Guatemala. 

So many friends.  So many babies.  We’re ready to do it too.  I’ve joked with Doug since we first met that I wanted 4 or 5 kids.  That isn’t going to happen, but who knows–there just might be a baby or two in our future as well.  Of course, we want to get married first.  We would hate to have children out of wedlock!  😉

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2 Responses to So Many Friends, So Many Babies…

  1. Wood says:

    As a fairy uncle and godfather, I highly recommend just baby sitting occasionally. You get to send the little blessings home. Besides, the real fun starts when they hit the age of sixteen, and they want you to come along to their parties, so you can buy the alcohol (yeah, they\’re buying, I\’m the one drinking!), and to prove how cool they are to have a fairy uncle. Its even more fun when they want to talk about relationships!

  2. Justin says:

    Having raised two of the most wonderful sons whom we adopted (a bit of prejudice there).  They are both str8 as arrows one is married now (I just dont know where we went wrong) :).  The nights of walking the floor holding them when they have colic, the nights of sitting on the bed with them when they are sick yeah, it is worth more than you can imagine maybe not right at that moment but later on you will understand.  Sitting in the rocking chair holding that little person close to you and rocking at all hours of the night you will rememer those times a bit misty eyed. Yes Kevin you have to get a rocking chair and you will never want to let it go because it hold so many sleepless but wonderful nights.  Then comes the night at the dining room table when they are eight or nine the conversation goes something like this:
    Yes, Andrew.
    You know my best friend Ray?
    (at this point you wonder where this conversation is going)
    Yeah we know Ray
    Well, I was just wondering something?
    (they always love to put that in there and pause and let you wonder)
    Wondering what sweetie?
    Well, I was just wondering why his other dad is a girl?
    (your still thinking how to answer the question when he puts that little and in there)
    And what baby? (your still trying to recover from the first question and not sure you want to know the second one)
    Why he has a girl for a brother and not a boy like mine?
    Kevin, Doug its going to be a long night good luck:).
    But, it is all so worth it everybit.  When you watch your babies walk across that stage at graduation you will beam with pride.  And when they bring their girlfriends home to meet their two dads you will have a blast.  To see them through the broken heart and tears, then to watch them go off to college and out on their own.  To watch as they stand before all their family and her family and say "I Do" you beam with pride.  But wait , are you ready for grandkids?
    I would not trade for any thing the time we decided to have kids.  Just remember tho you will have those terrible twos to go trhough 🙂   

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