Right now I am in a mini rage (well, not really, but I was pretty mad earlier).  Someone stole our beautiful tomatoes that were just about ready to pick.  We’ve got one beefsteak tomato that was having a hard time, but the tomatoes were ripening.  I was going to pick a couple of them this weekend and I didn’t get around to it.  I saw them there this morning and I went out to Home Depot to pick up some things to make the stucco fence and when I got home they were gone.  They even picked some green ones.  I think someone has been stealing the cherry tomatoes too, since the plants are full of green ones, but every time I go out to get some I only get a handful of ripe ones. 

So that makes tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, strawberries and I am certain someone is stealing the lemons and probably a squash (the other day the plant looked tipped over).  So now I am serious about that fence.  I just went out and bought a post hole digger and I am going to spend the afternoon digging eight holes for the posts.  By tomorrow those posts will be up (I hope!).

I have a hard time believing someone would actually come into the yard and steal anything.  Our neighbor has had many of her flowers stolen from her yard so we agreed to keep an eye out on each other’s yard. I haven’t seen anyone yet.  My only hope is that whoever stole them actually needed them.  And they should be thankful that they are organic tomatoes…

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4 Responses to Stealing…

  1. tim.state says:

    We had that problem in Atlanta every time we tried to grow tomatoes, they were stolen just before they were ready. Even the green ones. Ended up being the squirrels, snagging them because they were thirsty. Friends told us if we wanted to grow stuff, we needed to figure out a way to keep the squirrels hydrated.That was the end of our garden.

  2. Scott says:

    That sucks!  We had the same problem back home, mostly with tomatoes. 
    LOL you should get one of those inexpensive outdoors surveillance cameras – and then you\’ll know if it\’s a neighbor doing it, or somebody just wandering onto your property. 
    My YouTube

  3. Kevin says:

    Hi guys,
    Well, we\’ll be putting up a short garden fence that won\’t keep anyone out, but it might make them think twice before jumping over it just to get the tomatoes (and everything else!).  There might be a rose or two along that fence as well…

  4. Justin says:

    Well, as a last resort maybe you  could get Ms Stacy and her mongrels to guard the garden for ya.  All it would take would be one time and that bull would stop.  Whadda ya think Possum 🙂

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