The John McTernan Watch

I blogged about John McTernan before.  He is the guy who believes that God is destroying the Midwest with floods and storms and California with fires because of gay marriage.  And Islam.  And a host of other things that John McTernan doesn’t like.  I have to feel sorry for someone like this.  He is always focusing on the bad in life.  He must sit by his computer and wait for natural disasters to strike so he can say that he was right and that God is punishing this country.  You have to wonder if he gets around to reading any of the good stuff in the Bible?  I doubt it.  For people like him, it is all doom and gloom and he loves it. 

Here is a bit of his daily installment from yesterday:

California and God’s Judgment for Homosexual Marriage

The fires that started in connection with legalizing homosexual marriage are still burning. These fires are draining the state’s resources and there is going be an increase in taxes to pay for the fire fighting. About 550,000 acres have already burned with no end it sight. The wind and heat are suppose to increase next week making the fire fighting effort extremely difficult to protect cities.

The problem with this is that gay marriage became legal on June 16th at 5:01 pm, but fires were burning before this.  And what John McTernan doesn’t want to acknowledge is that there are fires in California every single year in the summer.  When we are in a drought and the temperatures go up, fires start.  It is convenient for him to say that God started these fires to punish people, but these happen every year.  What about the fires last year?  Were those because God knew that California would legalize gay marriage?  How about the devastating fires over a decade ago?  Or a century ago?  Or thousands and thousands of years ago?  Or the fires in Australia about 5 years ago?  And if you live near a river, you should expect to have a flood. 


And to show he doesn’t even know relatively new history on these fires, this is what he posted on July 4:

Judgment on America for Homosexual Marriage

The massive fires that started in conjunction with homosexuals marriage in California are still burning out of control and small cities are threatened with destruction.

Massive wildfires threaten two California towns 7/4/8 As you read the article, you can get the sense of how massive these fires are. Remember this is just the start of the fire season!

President’s Statement on Federal Disaster Assistance for California 6/28/8 On the eve of "Gay Pride Day," the President declared most of Northern California a disaster area which enabled the state to received federal assistance. Please follow this time line: 6/4 California supreme court makes its final ruling that sodomites can marry on 6/16. On 6/20, the fires begin and on 6/28 the state is under a disaster emergency. On June 4, the entire state is placed under a drought emergency! The month of June begins with the supreme court making an Ordinance of the Amorites (see Homosexuality and God’s Holiness) ends with the state under and a drought emergency and declared a federal disaster area! Can God make this any clearer? California appears to have crossed God’s red line when homosexual marriage was legalized. The LORD is now moving according to His holiness and Word to turn this state into Psalm 107 and Leviticus 18
He turneth rivers into a wilderness, and the watersprings into dry ground; A fruitful land into barrenness, for the wickedness of them that dwell therein. Psalm 107:33, 34
And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants. Leviticus 18:25


As I said above, these fires were burning before the ‘sodomites’ were allowed to marry.  I wonder if McTernan will correct his mistake or will he just keep believing that these fires started on the 20th?  I suppose he doesn’t know about the serious drought that occurred in California in 1991/2?  The rivers turned into wilderness, the watersprings dry ground…

And not a single gay marriage to be found…


And let us not ignore his fear of Islam:


The following is a very long but excellent article about the future of Europe without children. The Europeans are dying off as they abort their babies and don’t have children. It is very serious as Europe is on the verge of social and economic disaster. The Muslims are somewhat filling this void. It is like the Europeans destroy the children from the LORD, so they get Islamic children. The irony in this is does by seer numbers Europe will be Muslim’s in about 30-40 years and all the materialism the Europeans want now will be gone under Islam. The arrogance of the feminists will disappear as they come under Islamic law and women have little rights. I think Europe will come apart before then, but this is the direction Europe is heading. They don’t want the God of the Bible, then they get allah and Islam. By killing their babies, the Europeans have sown to the flesh and are now reaping Islam.

Let’s hope that Mr. McTernan can stop waiting for natural disasters to strike.  Let’s hope he can enjoy life and not rejoice in the suffering of other people.  It is probably too much to hope for.

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7 Responses to The John McTernan Watch

  1. Robert says:

    It alsmost seems like pople like this get pleasure out of believing God is destroyintg things or even killing people.

  2. Scott says:

    It must suck for this McTernan guy to be so paranoid. 
    My YouTube

  3. Kevin says:

    Hey Rob and Scott,
    Yes, it does seem like he thrives on misery.  It must be an awful way to live.  He\’ll probably be waiting breathlessly for all the fires that are sure to pop up in California today.  We are supposed to be in the mid 90s…

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