The So-Called McDonalds Boycott

The "American" "Family" Association (otherwise known and the Don Wildmon Family Association) is trying to get a boycott of McDonalds because it supposedly supports gay and lesbian rights.  I can see how that would piss off the Don Wildmon Family Association since any rights given to gays and lesbians is a direct assault on religious freedom in this country (well, at least that is what they claim).  The Don Wildmon Family Association has tried doing boycotts before, but it was a miserable failure, at least the one against Ford.  The only reason they do this is it raises money for them.  Money, money, money, and it all goes to the Wildmon family.   I see that Don is off to the Holy Land in 2009–guess who won’t be spending his own money on that junket???

Don Wildmon has set up a website called  According to, he set up this website on April 10, 2008 and registered it from Tennessee, which is interesting because the Don Wildmon Family Association is located in Tupelo, Mississippi.  I wonder why he did that?  Sounds fishy, if you ask me.  Apparently this ‘boycott’ has been planned for months, even though the AFA just announced in on July 1 and they sent out their announcement of it July 3.  I guess it takes time to organize hate…

Here is a typical comment from the boycott site (you can see more at Rob and Justin’s blog):

  • "McDonalds is no longer a family friendly restaurant in my opinion. Homosexuality is not conducive with traditional family values. Thus my family and all those that I have influence with will choose to eat at other restaurants. PLEASE CHANGE YOUR STANCE!"


I could make a joke about the stance and Senator Larry Craig, the senator who was arrested for his wide stance in the bathroom stall (at least that was his excuse, even though he plead guilty to trying to organize sex with the man in the stall next to him…), but I won’t.

What is interesting about most of these comments is that they keep referring to McDonalds as being a family place to eat.  They make it sound as though gays and lesbians are not families.  Of course, that is what they wish and believe, but that isn’t true.  Doug and I are a family and we’ll soon be a married family.   We rarely eat at McDonalds, but I love their commercial that shows a guy sitting in his chair with his big cup of something in front of him.  He positions the cup in front of the tv and catches people in it, including a cute swimmer guy at the end.  I wonder if the AFA has seen that?  🙂


And as Rob has mentioned, it wouldn’t hurt to contact McDonalds here and show your support for them.  I’m certainly going to mention the AFA and how much money this hate group makes and how much of it does to the Wildmon family.  I think I’ll also mentioned the failed boycott of Ford…

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4 Responses to The So-Called McDonalds Boycott

  1. Scott says:

    I\’m not much of a MacDonald\’s fan (prefer Arby\’s or Taco Bueno if I do fast food LOL), but went there tonight in support of Wildmon\’s hysterical boycott.
    YouTube Channel

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Scott,
    We don\’t eat at McDonalds very much, but I was talking to my mom yesterday and they decided to go to McDonalds to pick up dinner.  So take that, Don Wildmon!  🙂

  3. Robert says:

    I do eat McDonald\’s (as if you could not tell!), mainly because i\’m a cheap ass! I doubt McDonald\’s will hurt much, I imagine Don Wildmon will take credit for slumping sales if less say beef prices go through the roof…like Gas prices did on Cars, and he took credit for Ford\’s slumping sales…than again Don Wildmon is known for lying!

  4. Kevin says:

    Hey Rob!  That cheapass comment made me laugh!  I\’m pretty cheap too.  Although we don\’t eat there very much, I still love their Big Macs, fries and I absolutely love their hash browns.  There is a McDonalds just two blocks from here and it is tempted just to run down their for lunch/dinner.  I would, except it doesn\’t agree with me very much!

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