To Stucco or Not to Stucco

Well, all eight fence posts are in and I am pretty happy with them.  One was out of alignment by about 1/4 inch and the overall length was one inch longer than I thought it would be, so all in all, I’m happy.  I also put up the top rung, which the plywood is supposed to be attached to, but now after looking at it with one rung up, I am seriously considering just making it a regular fence instead of a stuccoed wall. 

Here is a picture of it:


The side yard used to look like this:


Anyway, here is what I am thinking–I’ll put up the rest of the rungs on both sides and that way in the future if we decide to stucco over it, the frame will be up (minus the plywood backing).  If we leave it like that, it will be open and the sun will still be able to reach all parts of the garden.  And then I could plant some jasmine and/or other types of flowering vines along this fence.  The more and more I think about it, the more I don’t want to stucco it.  I think Doug still wants to do it, but I told him that we still have the back yard to do.  We can stucco that if we want to.  After this is done I want to install two 6" by 6" posts at both entry points and create an arch.  Near the front of the house there is a bougainvillea that is creating a natural arch over that end, so I thought I would train it over the big arch and build a nice gate.  Then the fun begins–filling it full of plants.  The next project will be to transform the back yard.  Right now there is no shade and it has been blazing hot here.

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