Praying a Child Turns against Her Parents

There has been some talk about a woman, who became a man, who then had a baby.  I’m not going to comment on that story, other to say congratulations to the new parents for their new baby girl.  Mark at Chesterstreet wrote about this in a post titled "When a man is a woman", which was copied from the nationally recognized hate group, Traditional Values Coalition (Monday, July 7).  Mark at Chesterstreet called this person a ‘she-male’, which is a highly offensive term.  But hey, I’ve known Mark to say more offensive things, so this didn’t surprise me.  He also mentions in one of his comments:

Tolerance has become the "new" golden calf so to speak.

Yes, tolerance is an evil word for people like Mark.  Of course, he isn’t referring to the fact that he demands his own choice of religion to be tolerated, accepted and pushed on everyone. 

But the comment below is what really surprised me.  It was left by none other than DL Foster, the ex-gay minister:


This is the most disgusting perversion of God’s gender intent that we have witnessed heretofore. I grieve that it will only get worse. If people could make themeselve half animals Im sure they would.
I truly, truly feel deep sadness for this child. I pray the child will grow up and preach against the wickedness of the parents.

So this is what the good minister prays for–that a child will turn from his parents and hate them and work against them.  What a nice guy DL Foster is.  That is like me saying that I hope his 5 children will grow up and realize the truth about their father and then preach against his wickedness.  What a horrible thing to pray for, and what a horrible thing to hope for.  If that child has any problems, it is because of people like Mark and DL Foster, who will do their best to make life miserable for her.  I would not doubt that DL Foster would set up a tent outside of their house and wait for the little girl to come out alone and then attack her with his vile hatred by trying to turn her away from her parents.  Then DL Foster will turn around and claim that glbt people are not good parents and use this girl as an excuse.  It will be a self-fulfilling prophecy for the ex-gay minister.  My advice to DL Foster–he needs to pray to his god to forgive him for trying to bring strife to this family. 

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10 Responses to Praying a Child Turns against Her Parents

  1. Robert says:

    I guess D.L. Foster has a problem with the Bible when it says "Honor your father and your Mother".
    I had noticed Marks post as well….I notice he said at the end, that if this person claimed to be a Christian wouldd that be true also? I guess not in Mark\’s eyes, since apparently God has given him the power to decide who is a Christian and who is not, just wonder exactly what has Mark ever done that was Christ like?
    Because than maybe I could call him a Christian, until than….I\’m just not sure :o)

  2. Justin says:

    I guess the one thing people seem to always seems to forget is the first sex change in the Bible done by G-d.  Does anyone finde it a tad bit odd that of all the animals they were created male and female yet we only have the creation of one male human in the garden or so we are told then G-d put this male to sleep and took a rib and made a woman.  Is that the way it really went or could there have been a Steve running around in the garden we dont know about. I mean after all anything is possible in a garden that has a serpent that walks upright and talks hmmmmm just a thought.:)
    BTW because Mark wont accept my religion and I know mine is the only true religion he is being cast into hell for all infidels roflmao

  3. Cassie says:

    Not only is term "she-male" very offensive to many people (it has never bothered me much but then everyone knows I\’M weird) but in this case it is totally inaccurate. A "she-male" is Jerry Springer style slang for  Male-to-Female Transgendered Persons and the individual in the case referred to was a Female-to-Male.
    No I don\’t know the slang term for that…sorry.
    As for D.L. Foster—he is like most Christians—he pays absolutely no attention to the words of Christ: "Judge not, that you be not judged." The whole point of Christ\’s meesage there (and in the story of the unmerciful servant–Matthew 18:23-35—is that if YOU as a Christian do not show love and understanding towards others don\’t expect it from God—here, too, one finds Christ\’s words in Matthew Chapter 7:21-23 are also applicable.
    But these people are not Followers of Christ–they are USERS of His name is justify thier hate and bigotry. Be assured–they shall have THEIR reward.
    (See, Kevin..I wasn\’t kidding in my blog when I said I\’d been raised on this stuff—good thing too—because it gave me a deeper understanding of the Book than these so-called Christians will EVER have.

  4. Kevin says:

    Hi Cass,
    I knew that Mark was using that term wrong–but there is no point in trying to correct him.  He can\’t be corrected–he is perfect!  🙂
    There was an excellent article at Pam\’s House Blend, written by Autumn Sandeen (I hope I spelled her name correctly) on the use of terms just the other day.  Did you manage to see it?

  5. Rob says:

    what a quandry… be a "good" Christian and preach against the parent\’s wickedness – and be stoned to death for being disobedient as a "good" Christian is commanded to do.  Sometimes it\’s hard to see the "love".

  6. Cassie says:

    Did Mark REALLY say "Tolerance has become the new golden calf"? He REALLY said THAT? I wish these Christians would stop bring up the golden calf—don\’t they realize that "To Aaron is Human"?
    (Tell that to a preacher and watch him fall down laughing).

  7. Kevin says:

    Hey Rob–I wonder what the good pastor would have to say to that?  He\’s probably never read that part of the Bible!
    Hey Cass–I am going to have to remember that line  "To Aaron is Human"! 

  8. Scott says:

    "If people could make themselve half animal Im sure they would"
    You mean like THE WUZZLES?!?!?!?
    Or maybe a Centaur?
    And about that above quote – is that REALLY from a doctor, or just some meth addict who\’s just lit up the ol\’ pipe, and is REALLY looking forward to talking about men boinking men?

  9. Cassie says:

    So what are we then? Mineral or Vegetable? (And don\’t ANYBODY say anything about FRUIT!!!) 🙂

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