I went out this morning to dump the remains of the ice water on the garden and as I was standing near the butternut squash, this beautiful orange dragonfly landed.  It didn’t seem to be too concerned about me, so I went inside and grabbed the camera.  It stayed long enough for me to get this picture of him (or her).  I’ve never seen one like it before.


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6 Responses to Dragonfly

  1. Justin says:

    That is a neat picture say as I have ever seen a orange dragon fly myself.  The most we see around here are mostly a gray or a green variatey.  How is your garden doing now?  have you lost any more veggies to sneak theives?

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Justin,
    This dragonfly was a surprise to me too since I haven\’t seen any dragonflies here before, let alone an orange one!
    And so far no more missing veggies!  The side yard is still open on one end, but so far things are fine. I was hoping that we would build a Japanese-style arch, but we haven\’t gotten around to doing it just yet, and we leave tomorrow for a couple of days.

  3. Cassie says:

    What you appear to have there is a yellow-winged darter—if it is it is a true rara avis and you should tell someone immiediately as the species is common to Europe and mid and Northern Asia but not to the United States.

  4. Justin says:

    Hey Kev,
    Hope you dont minI showed your dragon fly to a friend of mine at SMU.  He said it looks to be a Libellula saturata I guess
    he got the message that I thought he had lost his mind telling me that so he said ok ok its a Flame Skimmer 🙂  then he got this web site which has some fairly interesting things .  Of course Roger flips over bugs so go figure.  Any way here is the site if you want look.

  5. Cassie says:

    Justin is right…it\’s a flame skimmer…damn just when I thought you\’d be famous!!!

  6. Kevin says:

    Hey Justin and Cass,
    Thanks for all of the info on this little guy or gal!  I just thought he/she was beautiful and I liked that it didn\’t move when I went inside to get the camera.  If I could have figured out how to use the video setting, I would have taken some video–you could see his/her abdomen going up and down as it was breathing. 

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