A Message For Roy

Last week someone named Roy (Roy Martin | roydmartin@cableone.net) left a disturbing message at Joe Brummer’s blog.  You can start reading them here.  He just jumped right into Joe’s blog and let everyone have it.  Of course, Roy claims to be a Christian, and a reformed person as well.  He claims he has been in prison.  But now he is on a rescue mission.  He claims his step-son is gay and that he informed his wife of that.  Now the poor kid is having to deal with a reformed step dad who isn’t happy his step son is gay. 

Soon after Roy left his tirade, he seemed to calm down a bit.  After a few days he claimed it all too much for him and he wouldn’t be leaving comments at Joe’s blog.  I decided to send Roy an email.  Here it is (sent July 23):

Dear Roy,

I just read your comment that you will not be coming back to Joe Brummer’s blog.  I really hope that isn’t the case.  I think you have a lot to offer people with your comments, even though there is disagreement.  If you haven’t been blogging very much, you will realize that you have to ignore some comments that are against you.  I’ve been called many names on many blogs and in the beginning I was pretty upset, but it sadly seems to go with the territory.  I doubt that people would treat each other badly if we were all face-to-face.  Unfortunately that isn’t the way the internet works. 

Lots of gays and lesbians have been hurt, not only physically but mentally from family and so-called friends.  So when someone steps in from the other side, anger can come out against that person pretty quickly and in this case it was taken out on you.  My advice is to move beyond it.  I am guessing that Joe Brummer will also say something similar and I would also hazard to guess that he will ask you to keep coming to his blog and having conversations with us.  We only have one world, and we all have to live in it.  If more and more people interact, then that can only be a good thing.

Take care,

Kevin (Kaatz)


So that was a couple of days ago.  Now here is what "Roy" left at Mark’s Chesterstreet about us:


Anonymous Roy said…

How refreshing it is to visit your site after being on Joe Brummers for several weeks.That was like a journey into hell being face to face with satan and all his demons.
Sorry but thats just how it made me feel.I did try though to have compassion in their present state but it just didnt happen.Keep on fighting the fight Mark.Youll hear from me again soon.
Your bro in Christ

7/27/2008 10:30 AM


And later in the day Roy writes:


Anonymous Roy said…

I am left with the thought and conclusion of Joe Brummer and his followers or any one that agrees with him of finding a poison spider in my house or a rattlesnake in my yard.Should I say to the snake in compassion,"will you please not bite me and leave my yard?"No!
Im going to cut its head off and smash the spider.
Im not suggesting violence on gays.Im saying that Joe and his kind are like a rattlesnake in a playground.

7/27/2008 4:45 PM


Roy says he isn’t for violence against glbts, but what would he do to that rattlesnake in the playground?  He would smash its head.  Maybe he needs to rethink his language or just admit his violent feelings.


Anyway, so I send him a nice email and he calls me a poison spider or a rattlesnake?  Gee thanks Roy.

Now the scary thing about Roy is to remember that his step son is gay.  So he is calling his stepson a rattlesnake and a spider which needs to have its head cut off or crushed.  That is very scary.  I can’t imagine living in a house with someone who thinks that. 

However, he will find good company at Chesterstreet.

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