John McTernan Watch, #2

I knew it wouldn’t be long before this guy blamed the earthquake in Los Angeles on Tuesday on gay marriage.  He apparently has been on ‘tour’ promoting his updated ‘book.’  Let’s hope that when this thing is published, he can at least stop getting so very excited about death and destruction that he can check his facts.  Below is what he had to say yesterday:



A moderate 5.4 earthquake it Southern California. It was located just 28 miles from downtown LA. This is very significant as an earthquake of this power is a strong indication of a bigger one. This shows the area is under tremendous stress. Many times in the past an earthquake like this hits a few months prior to a devastating quake. This coincides with massive wildfires still burning in Northern California. Remember, the massive fires started right after the state began marrying homosexuals. The state attorney general is also tapering with the initiative to reverse homosexual marriage. She changed the titled to read: "eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry" This was done to help defeat the amendment. This occurred today, the same day as the earthquake. I believe time is running out for California as God in His holiness is warning of the judgment that is right on top of this state. Look what is happening: fires, drought, earthquakes, foreclosure etc.

Strong 5.4 Quake Shakes Southern California 7/29/8

Prop. 8 ‘rework’ could spell defeat 7/29/8

Fire destroys 25 homes near Yosemite 7/29/8

Southern California Will Dry up Without a Drought Solution 7/28/8

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News flash for Mr. McTernan–our attorney general is a man–Jerry Brown, and as well as being our attorney general, Jerry Brown used to be the governor of California. 

Geez–so I am responsible for fires, drought, earthquakes, forclosures and ‘etc.’  I am just so darned special.  🙂  But I do have to wonder why the earthquake that I helped make happened a full day AFTER I left L.A.?  You think that God would have planned it a bit better–or maybe He didn’t want to ruin my honeymoon…

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6 Responses to John McTernan Watch, #2

  1. Cassie says:

    I decided I had better research s guy (there are so MANY people with that name) but I finally tracked yours down. He published his book "God\’s Final Warning to America" in 1998. Well, if that was His final warning when is He planning to shut the hell up? Here is a blurb from the back cover "God has revealed to John McTernan a most urgent message for a nation that is turning away from God. This wake up call is for both those who know Jesus Christ as personal lord and Savior, and for those who do not. John delivers a message with overwhelming evidence that God is warning America with disasters such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and wildfires that occur during acts of national disobedience. Although the Lord is not in nature, He does use his power over nature to warn nations and individuals that they must turn from sin or ultimately suffer destruction."
    It\’s been ten years, John, show us something out of the ORDINARY or shut the phuck up. And wildfires, hurricanes, fires, floods, and two-headed calves don\’t impress me, John. Bad weather occurs in cycles and we\’re due for a bout of it. An earthquake of 5.4 doesn\’t even wake a Southern Californian out of a light doze, I know…I lived there from 1960-1998 and went through a whole BUNCH of earthquakes. Wildfires aren\’t exactly a new phenomenon either check the back files for the Times or the Herald Examiner or ANY of them. Go back to the 40s and 50s even—they had em. And mudslides. And blah blah blah.
    Listen, Kev—you know if people had a little better long-term memory guys like this would be laughed out of the country.
    AS for Orson Scott Card—he is another of those sell-outs (like Dennis Miller) who hopped on the conservative chow wagon pn or about 9/11/2001 and can\’t think of a way to get off now that the steam in that engine is dying.
    As for God…had He done ANYTHING to mar your honeymoon He would have had to answer to Me!!!!
    (and He hates it when  I just go on and on and ON…
    Kinda like this :}

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Cass!
    Yes, it is rather funny that he wrote his \’book\’ (which is more a commentary than a book) in 1998.  That poor guy must stay glued to his chair waiting for destruction to happen so he can blame it on Islam and the glbt community!  Well, I guess that is one way of getting a bit of excitement in his life.

  3. Emproph says:

    So the best way an all powerful god can think of to communicate with fearful and confused humans is through unrelated natural phenomenon?
    I take it then that a rainbow in the sky would be God’s approval of gays.

  4. Cassie says:

    "Fearful and confised humans" emproph? Who would THEY be? Most of the ones I run into are smug S O B\’s who think they know everything INCLUDING the Mind of God 🙂
    BTW if Kevin doesn\’t mind I\’ll just direct you to the entry on MY windows live space called "John McTernan, Snake Oil Salesman" for more of MY thoughts on the matter.

  5. Justin says:

    Possum you can relax I rated you over on our blog.  Of course Mark will be bouncing off the walls now so be prepared.

  6. Justin says:

    dang it  I didnt rate you I exhonorated you :O)

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