When Prophecies Fail

I’ve blogged about John McTernan before.  He is the guy who eagerly awaits each and every natural disaster and then blames it on either the Russians, the Muslims or the homosexuals.  He must be in his element and glued to every form of news communication these days, especially with the news in Russia and with Gustav, the hurricane. 

McTernan eagerly writes (on Aug. 29):

Hurricane Gustav and Disasters

Remember that Gustav formed during Rice’s visit to Israel for the purpose of dividing the land and Jerusalem. It is now aimed just west of New Orleans which means the strongest part of the storm will hit the city. Right now over 100,000 homosexuals are in the city celebrating Southern Decadence. For the second time since 2005 the city will have to be evacuated during this Ordinance of the Amorites(See my article titled: Homosexuality and God’s Holiness) It is very possible that God might be putting an end to New Orleans. The city did not repent after Hurricane Katrina so a greater judgment could be on the way. The Gulf is the home of many oil wells and refineries. This also could be a target. With the economy failing, Russia talking war and Hurricane Gustav in the Gulf the pressure on America is tremendous.

Notice his sentence:  "It is very possible that God might be putting an end to New Orleans."  Well, today is Sept. 2 and New Orleans still stands.  And the damage done by mother nature wasn’t as bad as predicted.  So God must have spared New Orleans and spared those 100,000 homosexuals who were there for Southern Decadence?  Of course, McTernan won’t say this.  He wants death and destruction, not cities that are spared.  He’ll conveniently ignore this fact and move on to the next natural disaster. 

And I have to wonder why McTernan didn’t like the Republican National Convention with the coming of Gustav?  Hmmm…

Anyway, when prophecies fail, the good thing is that time keeps ticking away.  There will be fires in California as there has been for millennia.  There will be floods wherever there are rivers.  There will be earthquakes around the world.  And there will be hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico that will undoubtedly hit the U.S. and sometimes cause devastation.  Do these things happen because of Russia?  Or because of the Muslims?  Or because gays and lesbians can now get married in California?  No.  Sadly some people like death and devastation, like McTernan.  Instead of looking for the good things that happen, he focuses only on the bad and then blames everyone else, except for the fact that it is natural to have fires and floods and earthquakes and hurricanes. 

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One Response to When Prophecies Fail

  1. Wood says:

    You are very correct about him. I\’ve heard his name mentioned before in the media. It makes you wonder about a human that is so bent on seeing destruction, rather than creation. I find myself wondering if he has children and what things he talks about with them. The thought scares me. No need for a boogeyman when that father is around. 

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