Hypocrisy and Censorship

For the past couple of blogs I have mentioned a comment at TalkWisdom which was not allowed to be posted.  It referred to ‘rev’ D.L. Foster’s comment to tell someone named John to ‘shaddup’ (shut up).  My comment to Christine was that this was not very polite and I said that I’m sure she wouldn’t be happy if someone told her to shut up.  Well, she never posted my comment or referred to it.  She has now posted other comments after, but left mine out.  This isn’t all that surprising, except that in late July, Christine was having a fit that Rob and Justin deleted one of her comments.  You can read her post here.  She doesn’t like it that her comment was deleted. 

Here is what Christine posted on her blog about her deleted comment:

It’s truly sad when people like this guy at "The Political Spectrum" spew untruths and then censor those who come along to correct him. Did the guy think that I wouldn’t notice that he deleted my comment?

Now who is censoring whom?

And then she says:

So typical of liberals. They can’t counter the messenger who shares the truth, therefore, they choose to delete the message?
That guy obviously desires to continue living in his own spiritual oblivion…

So typical of liberals?  What about Christine?  She certainly isn’t a liberal.  I shared the truth with her, and she deleted it (or wouldn’t post it in the first place). 

Her friend Matt states:

I also find it kinda funny that he deleted your comment, because, in so doing, he did exactly what he accused Christians of, silencing at all cost anyone who disagree’s.

So I wonder how Matt feels about Christine’s own censorship?  Is she silencing someone she disagrees with since she refused to post it?

Christine says (in the comment section):

Must be quite boring to only have a one-sided conversation going on…

Those were my thoughts exactly.  She clearly didn’t want to be publicly taken to task for stating that telling someone to shut up is ‘brilliant.’ 

And Mark at Chesterstreet throws in his 1 cent:

Justin and Rob (the web sites writers) are utter morons. The fact they deleted your comment – and both of them claim to be followers of Christ; shows how utterly depraved the "gay christian" movement is. Good work Christine!

Will he now call Christine a ‘moron’ for not allowing my comment?  I somehow doubt it…

Christine’s other friend Carlotta states this:

What a coward! I was wondering if your comment wasn’t accepted by him. Not only was it not accepted, but he deleted it after it was posted! Lol! His deletion proved his cowardice and like Susan noted above, his one comment shown says "Well said."

Later Carlotta states:

But on the serious side, it’s true when it comes to truth, some people just can’t take it. Most of us dealing with these written debates find ourselves in the position of being "deleted" when the truth becomes too unbearable. You’d think you had written something profane or disrespectful, but not the case at all. Just truth. It hurts. So delete.

So will Carlotta now call Christine a coward?  I somehow doubt it.

And not to be outdone, Christine adds a few more words:

People like them don’t like it when they are shown to be in error. Rather than compete in a well-reasoned worldview debate, they saw the emptiness of their lies and took the easy way out. I’ve got a suggestion for a new motto at their blog – "When we can’t compete, we just delete!"
Yes. Such a tactic displays cowardice. Instead of choosing to counter what I shared they chose to delete it. You described them very well, Carlotta, when you wrote that they are "spineless."

Yes , people don’t like it when they are shown to be in error;  "rather than compete in a well-reasoned worldview debate," she saw the emptiness of her lies and took the easy way out by not allowing my comment.  Cowardice?  Spineless?  You be the judge. 

I guess hypocrisy always comes back to bite…


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2 Responses to Hypocrisy and Censorship

  1. Robert says:

    It will be interestin how the hypocrites respond. The one attack on our radio show was funny, since we consitintly engage with people with different opinions, in fact me and Justin have different views on allot of issues.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Rob,
    Christine just told that my comment never showed up on her blog. 

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