An Unwelcome Visitor this Morning

Doug and I slept in very late for the first time in years and we had a very late breakfast.  Just as I was having my second cup of coffee and reading the paper, our doorbell rang.  I answered the door and it was a guy who asked me if I knew what Prop. 8 was.  Of course, I am extremely aware of what Prop. 8 is–it is a ballot that states that if passed, it will take away the rights of gays and lesbians to marry.  It is a right we already have in this state.  I told him I knew what it was and asked him who he worked for.  He said he was a volunteer for Yes on Prop. 8.  So here was a guy, standing on my porch, who wants to take my marriage away from me. 

I told him that my partner and I just married, so it was clear he knew what my position was on this.  He actually had the nerve to say ‘congratulations.’  I asked him again who he was doing this for, and again, all he would say is that it was for pro-Prop. 8.  At this point I could feel the rage growing.  He probably noticed this because he walked away.  I didn’t see him register my view on his polling papers.  And I probably slammed the screen door a bit too loudly.  But it really made me mad. 

Let’s just hope that the majority of people in California will not be involved in taking a right away that has already been given to a group of people.  The polls are showing that it won’t pass–but it is hard to trust polls with something like there.  There are probably lots of people out there who won’t state their bigoted beliefs, but will show them in the privacy of a voting booth.

And that was just the beginning of a bad Saturday afternoon.  While I was doing a load of laundry and washing some dishes, Doug informed me that the sewer had backed up.  Nice.  But it made me chuckle to connect the coming of that anti-gay activist to my door and the backup of the sewer.  So now we are waiting for Roto-Rooter to come and take care of it.  It is too bad I can’t call Roto-Rooter to come clear up the mess backing up in the state of California as well.  🙂

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