Remember that $400 Haircut…

…of John Edwards that the Republicans had hissy fits over?  Remember all the crying that Obama is an elitist?  Well, how about this:  Cindy McCain, according to some people at Vanity Fair, was estimated to have been wearing near $300,000 dollars worth of stuff–just on one occasion during the Republican convention! 

Vanity Fair also lists what $300,000 would buy the average American. 

Of course, these are just estimates.  If the diamond earrings she was wearing were fake, then the price comes down considerably.  But would Cindy McCain wear fake diamonds to the Republican Convention?  And should the Republicans keep calling Obama an elitist when McCain doesn’t even know how many houses he owns?

By the way, this info came to my attention from Wayne Besen.

If these numbers prove to be false, I’ll correct them.  It pays to remember to not believe everything you read on the internet…

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4 Responses to Remember that $400 Haircut…

  1. Cassie says:

    Cindy McCain is an heiress—her late father, Jim Hensley, founded the Hensley and Company Beer Distributorship in Pheonix, AZ (a division of Anhauser-Busch hence the campaign song I suggested for McCain "Under the Anhauser Busch" by Billy Murray which can be downloaded from my skydrive folder "Music I Have Featured on My Live Space_—the company had 370 million dollars worth of revenues last year so she could probably afford her outfit even if the diamonds WERE real.
    I don\’t think we can fairly snipe at her for having had a successful dad, now can we?

  2. Nelson says:

    With $300,000 I could pay all my bills, and resolve some personal issues and burdens for the next ten years.

  3. Kevin says:

    Hey Cass,
    I don\’t think we can snipe at her for having a successful dad, but we can snipe at her for being part of a group that snipes at what they call \’elitists.\’  Her nusband can\’t possibly get away with calling Obama an elitist when they own seven homes, and has the audacity to wear something like that to the Republican Convention–which is supposed to be people who hold \’small town values.\’  I don\’t think wearing $300,000 earrings counts as a small town value…
    Hey NG–Yep, we could too. 

  4. Cassie says:

    The reason they jumped on the "elitist" bandwagon was because no group is more elitist than the Republican Party. They may have "small town values" but they are the Rich Person\’s Party.
    But Cindy McCain also gives a lot to charity so if she wants to spend some of her money on herself I think she has that right. But then, I\’m not jealous of her good fortune in being an heiress and all that.
    And I am unclear how what she does with her money has anything to do with the issues. Just as I was unclear how Sarah Palin\’s daughter being pregnant was anyone else\’s business but the family\’s.
    It seems we love to scream when someone sends one of these dirty underhanded type of attacks OUR way but think it\’s just FINE for us to do it.
    I don\’t get that.
    It reminds me of a time some years ago—must have been 1988 because that\’s when the movie came out when the Christians (a lot of them) were picketing theaters that were showing "The Last Temptation of Christ". What had them upset was the "dream sequence" showing sex between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. And all the liberals were jumping all over them for DARING to try and censor this fine film.
    But they weren\’t censoring anything. They were picketing. They were letting people know that they were upset by this treatment of a person they regard as GOD.
    Last time I checked that was called "exercising one\’s right to freedom of speech". Scorsese had the right to make it and these people had the right to express how they felt about it.
    But the liberal medua (like KPFK in Los Angeles which is where I lived then) were too busy making fun of them to even TRY and see their side of the question.
    Yet we\’re quick enough to yell "Foul!" when someone dumps on one of OUR sincerely held beliefs, aren\’t we.
    All I\’m really saying is it\’s time for fair play. And if we want respect maybe we\’d better be prepared to give some…and if we want a fair and clean campaign we need to discuss candidates by their stance on the issues and stick to that and not fall into this gossip and smear routine.
    I mean, all we learn from this story is that Cindy McCain likes expensive clothes and nice jewelry. (Most of us DO).
    The only difference is she can AFFORD it.
    Sorry I don\’t see how that\’s an issue.
    And I am a disabled senior on a fixed income who goes without meals near the end of every month.
    That isn\’t Cindy McCain\’s fault or anyone else\’s fault.
    It\’s just life—sure I would have loved to inherit that kind of money
    But probably I wouldn\’t be me because my life experience would have been very different and the lessons I have learned along the way would not have been learned…so I think I\’ll remain with this universe and let the one next door alone.

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