The Garden

It is probably time to take a little break from all the anti-gay news and show some pics of the garden.  This month is the month to plant the winter garden, which apparently you can grow here in California!  You can grow broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, onions (these four I picked up today to plant), cabbage and all the leaf vegetables, plus peas.  I’ll get the cabbage plants tomorrow and over the next couple of days plant some arugula, parsnips, bok choi, carrots, beets and some lettuce.

This year we had good crops of squash–both butternut and yellow squash–(see pics below), carrots, green beans, swiss chard, soy beans and our herbs.  We also had a good crop of arugula in the spring.  The tomatoes were o.k.  I think they either all cross pollinated, or they just didn’t like the soil they were planted in.  They might have also been planted too early.  We’ve planted two more plants at the beginning of July, so we’ll see if those are any happier.  We are going to have at least 2 watermelon and we had a bunch of cucumbers (although we didn’t use as many as we were hoping for).  Not sure about the potatoes either.  The plants look fine, but I didn’t use seed potatoes.

Here are some pics of the romaine lettuce from the middle of the summer and the butternut squash we just harvested last week.  We still have at least a dozen squash on the vines and they are still growing outward. 





And this is why I can’t get rid of that bird bath (the purple zinnias are called Purple Prince and I started those from seed–some of them are now over five feet tall and still flowering):


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One Response to The Garden

  1. Cassie says:

    I dunno–that Romaine lettice looks kinda homophobic to ME!!! 🙂

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