The Florida Anti-Gay Ballot Issue and Who is Funding It

There is good news today from Florida.  It looks like the support of the anti-gay marriage amendment will fail.  Support of the anti-gay amendment is dropping.  That is good news.  In Florida there needs to be 60% voter approval to change the state constitution.  Why isn’t that the case here in California?  If the anti-gay marriage amendment fails in California, there needs to be a push to change this law to make it harder for these fringe groups to change the constitution based on their religious beliefs.

Anyway, guess who was found out to be funding this push in Florida?  None other than the Republican Party.  Here is what the article states:

An investigation by the St. Petersburg Times into funding for Florida4Marriage found that of the $193,000 that had been raised by the group $150,000 came from a single donor – the Florida Republican Party.

I’m not surprised by this at all.  I don’t know if the Republican Party has donated to Prop. 8 here in California, but it is certainly being led by Republicans. 

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