Banning Books and Becoming Vice President

I just saw the YouTube video that I have attached below.  It is about Sarah Palin when she was mayor.  She inquired about banning certain books from the library (including a great book called Go Ask Alice).  It appears the librarian told the mayor that she would not allow books to be banned.  Two weeks later Sarah Palin had the librarian fired!  Luckily, after a community uproar, the librarian was reinstated.  My God.  Is this who is running for Vice President?  Someone who wants to ban books and when she doesn’t get her way, she fires the person?  Well, luckily she will fit right in to the shoes of the current V.P. if she gets elected…

By the way, she is also under investigation for trying to fire someone else who wasn’t following her desires.  This sounds like a pattern to me.


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4 Responses to Banning Books and Becoming Vice President

  1. Kevin says:

    Hey Cass,
    Thanks for that!  I hate looking at those things–but sometimes I just can\’t stop myself!

  2. Justin says:

    Ok Kevin now you done it G-d is so p.o\’d at you west coasties hes going to take it out on Texas.  You do know you are personally being held responsible for this dont you? After all your one of them newly wed heatherns. 🙂  We are watching this one really close since it looks like it will make land fall then head for Dallas.
    As much as I hate to defend Palin I did some research and there never was a list of books to be banned.  She did however bring it up due to some her backers.  I dont put much stock in the news media nor do I put much stock in what some one from a different party says be they Democrat or Republican they all have axes to grind. The fact that she tried to fire the Libraian is true and she cant pass that one off. 
    I will however after my research agree with one Alaska Reporter who said that Alaskas landscape is littered with the political bodies of those who got in her way.  From what I have found out this woman makes Darth Cheny look like a saint when it comes to people who cross her. 

  3. Kevin says:

    Hey Justin,
    Sorry my marriage is causing a hurricane to head your way!  Maybe Doug and I will have a fight tonight and then that should calm it down to a tropical storm.  🙂
    All that aside, good luck with that.  I\’ve never been in a hurricane before.  It doesn\’t sound like fun.
    I agree with you about not believing the media.  It is so hard to tell the truth these days.  And speaking of that, I have heard rumors that her husband was part of a separatist movement in Alaska.  Someone wrote into the paper today and commented that it was odd that Sarah Palin would poke fun at Mrs. Obama and her \’patriotism\’ while her own husband was working away to make Alaska an independent country!  Anyway, rumors, rumors, rumors.
    Just keep your head down the next couple of days and report back when you can!

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