Why is there No National Church of the United States?

This is an interesting question and should be asked by those who are really ignorant of U.S. history.  Why didn’t the founding fathers create a national church?  Someone left me a comment on Sept. 10, but they apparently ran away with their tail between their knees when they couldn’t answer my question:

"Ask yourself why the founding fathers didn’t create an official church of the United States?  Since they didn’t do this, you need to think of the reason why they didn’t."

And as I pointed out to this person, where exactly did I talk about the separation of church and state?  I was hoping he was going to show me where I mentioned this.  But maybe that is why he turned tail and ran away…

I would rather those who are ignorant of U.S. history to do the research themselves.  It is a more grown up thing to do rather than to just call people names.  Calling people names is just so childish and it just solidifies my thought that people who do this don’t know the answer and they are like bullies on a playground.  Instead of dealing with the issue, they call people names to make themselves look big and smart and popular.  But all it does it make them look like insecure little boys who shirked off on their education and blame others for their lack of education.

For those who would like a clue (or really, the answer), and maybe a place to begin their own research, I wrote this:

And that got me thinking about why religion, which is certainly a real choice that people make, is protected?  Why?  Because the founding fathers knew exactly what some Christians were like.  All they had to do was look over the pond to see what a mess Christians had made of Europe.  Christian fighting Christian.  It tore Europe apart.  It caused wars.  It caused schisms.  It caused migration to this country.  The founding fathers knew the mess that Christians could make if they all were allowed to fight against each other over their beliefs.  So they made sure that everyone would have the freedom to believe what they wanted–without being killed over it.  And they weren’t allowed to kill over it either.

So again, I ask–why is their no national church of the United States?  Because the founding fathers knew it would be dangerous to do this and that more than likely, Christians would tear this country apart just like they were tearing Europe apart over all of their petty problems. 

I always find it fun to teach the religious history of our country.  I am fair and balanced and make sure that my students know the dangers of religion, but also the positives.  However, I am more interested in the history of conflict in religion.  And I make sure that my students learn all about all the religions that were fighting with each other in this country and in Europe and what decisions were made by those who founded our country because of all of this fighting.  Some don’t like that–but too bad.  History is history.  Some don’t like the true facts of history and work very hard to twist it into their own beliefs.  That is fine with me–it just gives me more to talk about in my classes on the dangers of religion and what it can do to some people. 

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3 Responses to Why is there No National Church of the United States?

  1. Wood says:

    Hi Kevin!
    I hate to tell you this, but many in this country were never raised to do their own research and investigation. Many more can not separate Church from State. Many other people think that they are one in the same(same sex marriage revealed this!). They simply go around believing everything that the talking heads on the radio and television tell them. It makes me wonder about the future of democracy in our nation.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Wood,
    Yes, I know that people were not raised to do their own investigation.  There was an interesting article in the paper just this morning about the blatent lies being told in this presidential campaign–and some people are lapping it up.  It is a sad comment on the state of the democracy…

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