Churches and Money

I find it interesting that many anti-gay marriage activists complain about Christian ‘persecution’ when it comes to having the state accept marriages of all people–gay and straight.  One of the main ‘persecutions’ seems to revolve around money.  Churches in this country are tax-exempt.  I think that is wrong in the first place.  They don’t have to file tax forms with the IRS just because they are part of religion.  I think all that does is create problems.  But the biggest complaint from these churches that are against gay marriage is that their precious tax-free status could be taken away from them.  This isn’t ‘persecution.’  If a church were really serious about being against same sex marriage, it should be against it and not worry about money.  But for many churches this isn’t the case.  They want to be involved in the political struggle against glbt rights, but they want to keep their tax-free status as well.  They can’t have it both ways, and I’m not sure why they are so worried about it.  Greed is one thing that Christ preaches against.  Just take a look at most of these anti-gay churches and their non-profits, and what you find is greed–the people running these groups use most of the money to pay themselves and very little of it actually does anything.  That is greed, pure and simple.  And the money these churches and non-profits that are set up by these churches are tax free.  Again, if they really believe their own religious beliefs, money should not be an issue for them.  But they don’t want to lose their money.  So for them the threat to take away their tax-free status is ‘persecution.’  Clearly they don’t know what persecution really is.

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2 Responses to Churches and Money

  1. Deb says:

    Hrmm, isn\’t greed  listed on the 7 deadly sins?  Hypocrites make me giggle—sorry! 🙂

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Deb! Hypocrisy makes me giggle too–but it also makes me mad!  🙂 

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