The Chinese “Vote Yes on Prop. 8” Signs

Oh boy, this is interesting news.  It is no big surprise that the Mormon Church, who brought polygamy to American society, is behind the push to keep marriage one man and one woman.  My guess is that they are confident that their polygamist past will be finally put to rest after they have spent millions on ‘protecting’ marriage. 

But what is a surprise is that the Mormon Church wanted Californians to put Yes on Prop. 8 signs in their yards on Sept. 22.  That didn’t happen.  And why not?  Because the Mormon Church, in its zeal to protect American families, outsources the work for these signs to China.  Yes, that is correct.  You can read all about it at Box Turtle Bulletin (Sept. 24).  Isn’t that so very patriotic?  As Jim Burroway says:

The economy is sinking and people are losing their jobs across the country. What better time than now for proponents for California’s Prop 8 to outsource their one million “Yes on Prop 8″ yard signs to China?



Outsourcing jobs to China seems like a very strange way to “protect families” in America.

Vote No on 8 to Protect Marriage



p.s.  I will say that this is not China bashing.  I love China. I love the art.  I love the history.  I love the food.  I am just pointing out that this so-called church bought its signs from China instead of having them made in the U.S.

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