The Debate

I found the debate tonight very interesting.  I don’t think that either one of them scored higher than the other.  Now, to me, that is a problem for McCain.  Over and over again we kept hearing through his campaign that he has the experience to lead the country and Obama doesn’t. However, Obama had consistent answers throughout the entire debate.  He clearly has the know-how to lead this country, if tonight was anything to go by.  I think McCain flubbed a bit when asked about how his administration will be affected by the economic disaster (brought on by Bush and his Republicans).  McCain, off the top of his head (and I doubt this was a policy he had thought about at all) said he would maintain the defense budget and veteran’s affairs.  Clearly, he made that up just to give an answer.  That wasn’t answering the question.  It was him making up something because he really didn’t have an answer.

I also can’t get it out of my head that McCain did in fact go to Iraq and Afghanistan.  But he came back to the U.S. and claimed that walking in Bagdad was just as safe as walking down a street in middle America.  Good god.  What he didn’t tell you is that he was surrounded by hundreds of soldiers and helicopters and all the rest.  So much for his travel to other countries. 

Now, for me, the best part about the debate was the closing moments.  Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain came out.  Both McCain and Obama had to cross paths.  And then Michelle Obama and her husband then took the trip to the corner where John and Cindy McCain were standing.  That shows the difference between the two men.  Obama is a true statesman, with just that act of going over to McCain’s corner.  McCain wasn’t going to do the same.  He referred to himself as a sheriff while making fun of Obama for wanting to open discourse with people we regard as our enemy.  We already have a world sheriff in the White House now.  As we can all see, that hasn’t worked and has made this country less safe.  We don’t need another sheriff–someone who will stand there and won’t budge.  The act of Obama crossing that stage with his wife was enough to prove to me that we must have Obama in the White House.  I can’t imagine four more years of economic disasters and four more years of wars and wars and wars. 

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4 Responses to The Debate

  1. Cassie says:

    Sorry, I have been watching my collection of Doctor Who videos for the past couple of weeks (they go back to the very FIRST episode in 1963 and continue right through David Tennant\’s second season—haven\’t gotten the third yet—and every Doctor in between—including Peter Cushing). Did either of these guys say anything NEW?

  2. Justin says:

    Waves at Cass.  You were probably better off watching Doctor Who :).
    Kevin, I am not a McCain supporter and I am in fact becoming a lesser supporter of Obama the more I hear and see.  In fact I may wind up sitting out this election because there is no lesser of two evils here. You made two statements I do find troubling tho and I hope you dont get upset with my analysis.
    You said that the very fact that Obama crossed the stage in the end convinces you that we need him.  I must say I\’m scratching my head here because basing your vote on that would be in my opinion wrong.  While it was a good gesture on Obama\’s part it is in no way a sign of Statemanship in any form.  I did not see the fact that McCain did not go to Obama\’s sign as having anything to do with any political signs.  Did you miss the part where the two walked to each other after the debate and congratulated each other.  In these types of debates it has always been standard that like prize fighters each goes to his corner and stands.  I dont think either of them were even looking at the aspect of whether it would be statesman like to go to the other corner.  I truely hope you are not serious in saying that one act has made you think Obama is the one.  This is the problem with the electorate today we base our opinions on soundbites and visuals.  In voting please do the research as to what each man has done and not done dont just look at something like walking across a stage or what they tell you.  Do the research and find out does their past action really stack up to what they are telling you they will do today.  Always bear in mind the biggest lie today is "I Promise the American People." 
    I guess Im just a cynical old ranch hand but I dont trust what any politician tells me he\’s gonna do I want to see what he\’s done that will make me believe he is capable or that there is a real chance he will do what he says.
    As to the economic disaters the blame falls squarely on both parties not just one or one administration.  The democrats on both the house banking and senate banking commities did their best to block any  new regulations on the like of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac.  The alarm bells have been going off on this situation since before Bush however both parties in congress chose to ignore the truth and it has gotten us to where we are today.  Both parties have received enormous donations from these financial instutions in order to insure there would be nothing done.  I dont care what either party tells me this Bail out benifits only the the big whigs in the financial institutions and you and I are stuck with the bill.  I can assure you all this talk of limiting CEO pay and oversight by the government is just that talk. 
    Mark my word all the chickens in this mess have not come home to roost but they will and it aint gonna be pretty.  Both parties and yes even Obama share the blame.  I know Obama said he wrote the Administration about his concerns a year ago yet that is as far as he went and I\’m sure that since he was the second biggest recipient of Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac donation had nothing with him not pressing the issue.  Where he lost me was when he put both of the crooks involved in that debacle on his campaign as economic advisors.  I cant believe him when he preaches his change message when he seeks his economic advice from the likes of these people.
    As to McCain, well we wont got there because hes just not my man.  Sure he talks about controlling and cutting spending but I can guarantee you it aint gonna happen.  And then there is his VP choice which is the most troubling to me as to his mental faculties.
    Ok picking up my soap box and going back to our blog.  Thanks for listening and please if you do anything actually research the candidates dont just listen to what they tell you.  Just because a guy is a good speaker doesnt make him a good choice.  In my years I have heard to many of these "Pretty Lies and Alibies".

  3. Kevin says:

    Hi Justin,
    I promise not to get upset with your analysis! 
    Remember, I said I thought the best part of the debate was when Obama crossed to McCain.  I didn\’t say that that made me go for Obama.  I was already an Obama supporter.  However, I believe that act shows the difference between the two.  I can\’t help hearing McCain going on and on during that debate about not meeting with other countries.  Obama said he would.  McCain stayed in his corner with his wife.  Obama crossed the stage with his wife to shake hands again with McCain.  For me, that shows the fundamental difference between the two and that act showed it, at least to me. 
    We do differ on the economic disaster.  Bush pushed this whole fake war with Iraq.  It is going to cost this country over a trillion dollars!  That is not good for the economy, whatever way you look at it.  However, it will be good for oil companies and we have seen how well the oil companies have done under Bush and his republicans.  The oil companies have to take some responsibility for gouging the American people.  Gas triples.  People have problems paying their bills.  Mortgage rates go up (and I believe that people should have read the legal contracts and should have been aware of what would happen when their mortgages go up), and bam.  People lose their houses.  It isn\’t all the fault of the oil company, but I don\’t believe that someone who is making minimum wage isn\’t seriously, seriously hurt by the oil greed. 
    I personally am sick of Bush and what he has done to our country.  To me, McCain is a republican and he will not change this country.  We don\’t need another sheriff to patrol the world.  We need someone new, from the other party.  There is no way I would ever vote for McCain or a Republican.  It just won\’t happen.  Obama is the right person for the job–not because he will be a statesman (which is exactly the kind of president we need after what we have now), but because he clearly can handle the job.
    I hope you don\’t sit out this election.  You clearly don\’t like McCain.  Therefore you should vote for Obama–what harm will it do?  Imagine having McCain as your president. That alone might make you vote for Obama.  That thought alone will certainly make me vote for Obama (I am mildly joking here–I actually do read about both of their positions).

  4. Justin says:

    Kevin I apologize I thought you were talking about this whole wall street mess which is totally different than the Iraq war or the oil companies.  I was talking about this whole subprime lending process that has actually caused this situation we are in.  The majority of Americans do not want this bail out yet we are being totally ignored by you guessed it Congress.  They are using it purely for political purposes.  As Barry Goldwater Jr. said "Do not let your dog watch your food for you and do not let Congress watch your money for you.
    As to Bush you could no more be sick of him and what he has done than I as a Texan am.  I said when he first brought up Iraq that it was a sham and would come back to bite us in the butt. 

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