I Guess I am a Failed ‘Project’ :)

I have been in email contact with a woman who wrote to me out of the blue.  She claimed she wanted to be my friend.  Of course, she called my ‘lifestyle’ immoral and all the other junk I have heard from other ‘friends’ who are actually total strangers who send me emails.  This woman seems nice on the surface (and maybe she is nice deep down–I only know about her what she says to me in her emails).

After going back and forth, I was starting to get a little tired of the condescending attitude I was getting from this woman.  When I deal with people like this, I don’t like to point out the problem with following a certain religion without knowing something about that religion–even the most basic aspects and that there are lots of other religions and gods out there.  But I started to point out both problems and I think I did that in a good way.  But of course she wouldn’t have anything of it–Jesus is the only god there is.

Anyway, in the second to the last email she pointed out to me that she was divorced and the circumstances surrounding that divorce.  If you’ve been reading anything of my blog, you’ll know that I really can’t stand hypocrisy.  So I figured if she can use the Bible to tell me that my lifestyle is immoral and that I have to hope, then I can at least point her to the specific passages about divorce.  And I did.  I pointed out that Jesus said there can be no divorce except for adultery and that God hates divorce.  I pointed out to her that if someone remarries after a divorce for reasons other than adultery, then they have committed adultery.  I also gave her the Old Testament passage about the penalty for adulterers.  You can imagine the reply I got to that.  Apparently it is o.k. to use the Old Testament condemnations on other people, but not on the condemnations on their own behavior.  And to be fair, she never used the O.T. passage from Leviticus directly on me.  But that is always sitting in the background when someone talks about the immoral and evil glbt community. 

I can’t stand it when people use the Bible as a weapon against gays and lesbians, and yet when you point out to them that they have their own problems to deal with, they don’t want to hear about it.  How typical. 

Now this woman refuses to even read my reply to her last email.  She said she will just delete it.  I somehow doubt she will delete it and I hope she actually reads it and then deletes it.

Clearly she took me on as her little project to make herself feel better.  In her last email she said something to the effect that she needs to be with people who actually need her so she doesn’t want to hear from me again.  I totally agree–she really does need to be with people who ‘need’ her.  She wrote to me, out of the blue.  She seemed to think that I needed her is some way. What arrogance.  For her I was a failed project.  But she dropped me as soon as the use of the Bible came up that she didn’t agree with and that certainly applied to her.  People like her seem to think that the Bible only works one way.  I hope that next time she decides to take on a person as a project that she will actually sit down with that bible to see what it says about her before condemning other people. 

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7 Responses to I Guess I am a Failed ‘Project’ :)

  1. Joe says:

    I have had these same experiences.   I am always a bit disappointed that the true aim is not to make a connection with another human being, but to use them to further your religion.   I have had many christians contact me in the years I have been blogging.   They all pretend to be friendly, but always end up losing their patience when they find that the love I have for my partner is stronger than anything they can shoot at me!For the most part, it has nothing to do with us.  We are just along for the ride.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Joe,
    Yep, I think it really has nothing to do with us and more having to do with them feeling like they are doing God\’s work (and essentially building up their \’savings\’ to get into heaven…).

  3. Cassie says:

    Actually, what Jesus said about divorce (even if it is because of adultery) is that you cannot remarry (in GOD\’S eyes, anyway) until your original spouse dies. Think what an invitation to sin THAT is!!! Jesus had a great sense of humor sometimes.
    But GREAT!!!

  4. Justin says:

    Morning you all, Cass, not only did Yeshua have a great sense of humor but isnt it ironic that he was always having to point out to the so called religious types who tried to trap him just how they were misusing the scripture to judge others and leaving themselves out of the equation.  Ok I guess Im a little weird and sinister when I deal with people like this and the likes of Carlotta. I do so love playing the part of Van Helsing and watch their Bela Lugosi looks when you show them the two verses that I quoted from the Book of James in another post here.  You get two reactions. One you get the look of Lugosi when Van Helsing threw the cross up in front of him then you get the twisted and demented angry explanations as to how they are exempt from these and any other scripture that applies to them as well. Finally in the end they will get so frustrated with the fact that you are showing them scripture they cannot truely refute and say "Well, it is obvious you do not believe in the Bible and are not a friend of Jesus" and escape into the darkness before you open the drapes and let the light of truth shine on them. 🙂
    Cass, what was it Jesus said "The blind leading the blind"  dont you think that about sums up these people.
    Kevin keep up the good work you may just convert one of these people doubtful but who knows.  Just keep your cross and stakes close by.  You will be a good Van Helsing.

  5. Cassie says:

    Hey I love Kevin too but he doesn\’t look ANYTHING like Hugh Jackman!
    The name "Fargo" comes to mind, occasionally, though 🙂
    (Don\’t get mad, Kevin, I think Fargo is a cuddlebunny)

  6. Justin says:

     "cuddlebunny" ummmm errrrr ummmm 😮   oh never mind Im only gonna get in trouble if I oh well waves at Cass:)

  7. Kevin says:

    Hey you two!
    I\’m glad I don\’t look like Hugh Jackman–I think he is hot and I would hate to think that I find someone who looks like me hot!  🙂
    I\’m not sure who Fargo is though! 
    And I could never kill a vampire–I always found Dracula to be a very sad character–shunned for who he was naturally.  Of course, I don\’t know if I want to be attacked by them unless they look like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt…  🙂

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