The Hiding of Sarah Palin

What I find even more scary than listening to her trying to get through the couple of interviews she actually has done, is that Sarah Palin is in hiding.  It is either her own choice, or McCain’s choice.  What is so scary about this?  She is running for the office of the Vice President.  We don’t really know, at all, what her views are on all the issues.  We don’t know what she thinks about these issues.  If anything, she will make a great Vice President in the image of Dick Cheney–hidden, secret dealings, and dangerous.

There is a really good article about the hiding of Sarah Palin in the San Francisco Chronicle.  I hope people get a chance to read it and then think about why Sarah Palin is so popular with the Republicans.  My guess is that they are grasping at anything they can because they don’t really like McCain.

Her debate with Biden will be on Thursday.  I certainly plan on watching it. 

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One Response to The Hiding of Sarah Palin

  1. Scott says:

    "I certainly plan on watching it"
    So do I! LOL
    I\’ve been avoiding most of this nonsense, except for whatever Bill Maher has to say.  And like he said: "Sarah barracuda, meet Joey the shark" LOL
    This will quite possibly be the most retarded moment in American history, and I plan on getting stoned before the debates.  She\’ll be as clueless as a KKK member being quizzed on Motown history.   

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