Child Brainwashing by Christians

Last night I had mentioned I watched a bit of The Rock Church in San Diego and how they rallied to take away the rights of gays and lesbians to marry.  If that wasn’t disgusting enough, watch the beginning of this video I found on Youtube.  The man at the very beginning of the tape is a man they had on last night.  He was a man that the Miles McPherson, the lead ‘minister’ of this mega-church, was practically worshipping.  Listen to what this man is doing to these kids.  His name is Lou Engle.  I noticed that he wasn’t on the list of speakers (and still isn’t).  Why is that?  And it is no big surprise that this so-called rally was directed at young people.

And watch all of this video.  It should make your skin crawl. 

Here is a video of Lou Engle. 

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4 Responses to Child Brainwashing by Christians

  1. Justin says:

    It is no suprise that Lou Engals and the Evangelical movement have targeted children to brain wash with their hypocritical ideas.  The Church has been doing this for years.  Neither group wants any Critical Thinking regarding the truth of their belief systems by anyone in their group. When I speak of "Critical Thinking" I am not talking about critisim as it is used today. 
    I was as I am sure you were Kevin to apply Critical Thought to everything and not just accept it because some one told us it was so.  For centuries the Church taught that the earth was the center of the universe and people like Copernicas who applied Critical Thinking to the process and proved otherwise were burnt at the stake.  Lou Engals and the Evangelicals are no different than that Church of centuries ago.  It is not in their interest to allow anyone to use the greatest gift G-d gave man and that was the ability to think for themselves, to question what is truth and what is not.  The best place for them to start is with the youngest, train them not to think or question for themselves and you perpetuate your philosophy no matter how flawed it is.
    The thing these people fear the most is a enlightened individual who will actually challenge their belief system.  Attitudes are changing in the world around them and now centuries of the Gay question are begining to rock the foundations of their Churches just as Copernicus, Galelio and Martin Luther shattered the early Church.  These people are living in terror at having their dogmas questioned or challenged.  So, enters the Lou Engals of their world and the brainwashing of their youngest begins to try and maintain their numbers. 
    They are truly the "self-deceived animal".

  2. Cassie says:

    Well, but to be fair, couldn\’t any and ALL religious or moral instruction of the young be considered "brainwashing"? cf my essay on truth Oh and HEY KEVIN! You\’re FAMOUS!!! That is SO cool!  see for Kevin\’s encounter with BIGFOOT!!!

  3. Kevin says:

    Hi Cass!
    I\’m not sure if I like being famous for any reason.  Now will I have to beat off all the people who are going to knock on my door?  🙂
    And I don\’t think all religious instruction is brainwashing.  I\’ll have to read your article though!  This Lou Engle doesn\’t give kids the chance to think.  He just makes them repeat things he says.  It was the same at the Rock Church–that ex-football player Miles McPherson acted like he was head cheerleader with his audience.  I found the whole thing rather strange.
    And hi Justin–yes, I think that if more people thought abou the issues (and that includes myself!) then things might be a bit different.

  4. Cassie says:

    Obviously you never attended a Sunday School—thinking is not encouraged…

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