Fundamentalists Now Going After Straight People

I’ve said this before–after the glbt community attacks are over and they have legislated us out of existence, some so-called Christians will go after straight people next that they religiously disagree with.  This is clearly the case in Arkansas.  There is a measure on the Nov. ballot that would outlaw any unmarried couples from fostering children that have been left to rot (well, the ballot doesn’t say ‘left to rot’ but that is what it will do).  Right now the state doesn’t ban unmarried couples from fostering children.  But this group called the Family Council wants to ban them as well. It also wants to ban the power of the state government to selectively place children with foster families. 

So here you have it–religious beliefs being shoved (well, it hasn’t been voted on just yet!) down the throats of everyone–gay and straight.  Will the people of Arkansas vote for this?  I’m not sure.  But it is a view of the future that people need to think about.  One minute you are voting to take away the right of one group, and then all-of-a-sudden, another group is voting to take your rights away.  It shouldn’t be surprising.

The group that is now attacking straight people is called the Family Council, led by Jerry Cox.

A quick look at the entry on this Family Council will tell you everything you need to know about this "Family" Council. 

In 2006 (the latest tax info) the group brought in a little more than $530,000.  Of that money, Jerry Cox paid himself ~$78,000.  The non-profit also spent another ~$186,000 on salaries plus ~$22,000 on employee benefits.  That comes to ~$286,000 (out of ~$530,00 they brought in–more than half).

A fair bit of this money spent on other salaries went to Martha Adcock, the staff lawyer (~$66,000) and John Thomas, the administrator (~$61,000).

So three people took in $205,000, out of $530,000 from donations!

Here are some other numbers that are interesting (and I have rounded these numbers):

They spent nearly $25,000 on ‘supplies’; over $11,000 on telephone bills; $43,000 on postage and shipping (!); $20,000 on rent; over $29,000 on ‘printing and publications’; a little over $4,000 on travel, plus they spent nearly $10,000 on ‘contract labor’; $41,000 on a ‘book fair exp.’ and  $6,000 on a Walk-a-thon.

This group also spent nearly $17,000 on "other expenses."  This number, according to their own tax form, totals ~$540,000!!!  That was the ‘functional expenses’ of this non-profit.  They ended the year 2006 with about a $10,000 deficit–but they had money left over from the previous year. 

Of course, all of this expense is what they consider to be the ‘service expenses’ which adds up to about $352,000. 


So, who exactly benefits from this ‘Christian’ non-profit?  I think the answer to that is pretty clear. 

So anyway, as you can see, the Christian fundamentalists are starting to go after straight people as well. It won’t be long before something like this starts to spread throughout the entire country.  Are you ready for it?

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