“No On 8” Videos

Here is a great video that talks about No on 8.  After watching it, try a little exercise and watch one of the Yes on 8 videos I’ll put in below.  Just listen and watch both messages.  One is full of hope and the need for peace.  The other is about fear and the need for division. 

This No on 8 video was put together by a fundamentalist Christian who came out as gay.  His name is David Barton.  I guess being a fundamentalist Christian really is a choice…And a warning–this video shows straight people kissing.  🙂


If you go to YouTube you can add your comments. 

Here is another No on 8 video that I have been seeing on the Comedy Channel (during the Daily Show):

If you go to YouTube, you can leave comments here. 


Here is one of the latest Yes on 8 videos:

If you go to YouTube, the comments have been disabled.  Hmmm.  I wonder why that is?


Here is another Yes on 8 video:

If you go to YouTube, the comments have been disabled.  Again, why is this?


Remember, to preserve marriage, Vote No on Prop. 8


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2 Responses to “No On 8” Videos

  1. Cassie says:

    Well, I live in Minnesota where same-sex marriage is still against the law (which just shows how times have changed, really, because Minnesota was one of the FEW states to grant state-wide protections under the law, not only to gays and lesbians but also to transgendered persons). But with the conservative political climate that has been so manifest since the 9/11 attack not much more progress has been made. Yet not even Tim Pawlenty (our current governor) who was AGAINST legal protection for transgendered persons when he was merely a state senator (or was it congressman, I forget) has moved to repeal any of the rights we now have and it puzzles me that California, a state known the world over for its liberal tolerance of different life-styles, should manifest such backward attitudes in this.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi Cass,
    Well, according to the latest polls, only 41% of voters will be voting to take away the right to marry.  That is still a lot of people, but not as many as they would like to claim.  These views are only of adults who will vote.  There are lots of people who don\’t vote, and it also doesn\’t include the youth of California–who overwhelmingly support glbt rights.  In a decade or so, California will be rescued from the Moral Minority.

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