A Happy Eggplant

This weekend was a busy one.  Doug arrived home from Seattle on Friday night and then Saturday morning we had three cubic yards of composted chicken poo/rice hulls delivered.  We spent the rest of the day ripping out the old plants in the side yard that were finished for the season and putting down all of that compost.  We borrowed a roto-tiller from our friend Scott and tilling it all into the rock hard clay (that had been covered up for years with plastic and red lava rock).  We then put down seeds for a winter ground cover.  I expect that by next year we are going to have our own little garden of Eden.  The only plant I didn’t tear out (and I also left one of the planter boxes that had the strawberries) was the eggplant.  It still looks very healthy and has a number of little eggplant.  It had two large eggplant that I have already picked and cooked. We also ate some potatoes that we grew, and I cooked up another big batch of tomatoes which I froze.

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