Guilty Palin. And the Economy

So I see that Sarah Palin is guilty of abusing her power.  Big surprise.  It turns out that her "Joe-Six-Pack" husband was involved in this as well.  If they become the Vice President, they will fit the shoes of Cheney very well.  I wonder how she is going to spin this one out.  She can spin, so I’m sure she will think of something.  And I wonder if Obama is going to make mention of her abuse of power.  She is attacking him right and left with insinuations that he is a terrorist.  There are people who are calling for the death of Obama and Biden at rallies she and McCain attend and they say nothing.  These people aren’t fit to be neither a governor or a senator, let alone President and Vice President. 

And the Economy:  I see in today’s paper that Paulsen is now stating that the $700 Billion dollar bailout isn’t working!  You have got to be joking!  The answer?  spend more money.  Spend more money that we don’t have. 

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2 Responses to Guilty Palin. And the Economy

  1. Cassie says:

    Of course it isn\’t working when executives of the very companies that are being bailed out take a huge chunk of the money at blow it at spas and resorts and as "severence packages" for departing management.  One correction—McCain IS speaking out against those who are calling for the deaths of Obama and Biden—though Palin is still busy calling him a Terrorist (a subject I have already addressed). Yet her association with the Alaska Separatist Party defines her as a "seditionist" and unqualified to hold the office of Vice President—-and McCain\’s association and friendship with HER tars him with the same brush with which Palin has been attacking Obama "Guilt by Association".  🙂

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