The Bird

Every once in a while, when I am sitting at my desk, a large bird flies into the shrubs that separates our yard from our neighbor’s yard.  The shrubs are usually full of little birds like sparrows.  The large bird tries to catch them. I haven’t seen it catch any yet, but I’ve seen it climb deep in the shrubs to wait for the little birds.  Today after I got home from the university I heard the usual chatter of the birds in the shrubs in our yard.  I keep the birdbath full for them.  As I was sitting there I heard a flurry of feathers and the chirps stopped.  I looked out and there sat this majestic looking bird.  I grabbed the camera and it flew into the shrubs, then came out and landed on one of our yard chairs.  Here it is:

According to my bird book that Doug’s mom gave us, it is a Sharp-Shinned Hawk, or accipiter striatus.  The bird book fits this description to what I just wrote:  "The sharpie is like a fighter jet.  It is built for short bursts of speed, cutting, wheeling, and making sharp turns in and around shrubs, trees and other cover.  It hunts and catches other birds on the wing.  It often uses an ambush strategy, hunting from a perch."

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One Response to The Bird

  1. Cassie says:

    Well, Kevin—don\’t you know that the bird is the word?
    Bird is the word!!!

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