More Concerned Christian Messages

The other day, someone who was one of my ‘friends’ sent me an interesting message.  I had made a post about the marriage of Deb and Madelene.  He wasn’t sure if Deb and Madelene got married on the same day to different men or something else.  He writes:

I’m apologies if i wrote sensitive sentences or others..But i highly recommended that you type probaly of your post..because i get a shocked when i read your post…


Well.  I must be a magnet for these people.  It seems to be happening more and more recently.  I made it clear that Deb and Madelene married each other, just like I married Doug.  Apparently this guy doesn’t read my blog very much…After I set him straight, he sends this message (and I am only giving part of it):

Kevin, I’m Sad now…do you think same sex marriage is a good way, you are buying  tikets to HELL with Doug!!!!

So some stranger sends me yet another email telling me I just bought a ticket to hell.  At least I’ll be on the same bus as Doug–I would hate to think about spending eternity anywhere without him!  And I hope there is a ticket in there for Zak too.  I’m not spending eternity without my cat as well…  🙂

Again, I set him straight on what I thought about hell.  I also told him that if he didn’t want to marry a man, then don’t.  It is pretty simple.  Well, things are never simple for people like this.  Here is his latest message (and I’m not going to bother responding–it would just be a total waste of time):

Yo Kevin! "Hell is something in your imagination"//At this sitiuaion, seem like you married your husband Doug…So, you act like a girl..SHAME A LOT!!! At your first mail, you said, " GOD DOES ALLOW SAME SEX MARRIAGE " hey man! you are studying christianity or something…Can you explain which part or which book talk about God allow SSM…? old test.? new test.?" You are in no position to tell me how to live.  No position at all.  " I’m not teaching you how to live..i’m just advice you to do something..Maybe you are angry now, because you are a girl…right?Am i right..if you admit same sex marriage is good.then you said your husband, and you are his WIFE..but you have penis!!!If god allow same sex marriage, then he would not create male & female..You got it???Maybe  this is my thinking, evryone thinking are differents..much less you are GAY/// "believe that works are important for your salvation?  Or faith?" YES !!! i totally believe..And, after you reply this msg..can WE cut off the subject, just be WEB Friends…chatting only..not arguing…ok??i apoplogies…

So he calls me a girl.  A wife.  Am going to hell.  But he still wants to be friends and just chat?  And he sends his apologies?  For what?  For calling me a girl or are going to hell?  Some people have the weirdest ideas about what being friends mean…

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9 Responses to More Concerned Christian Messages

  1. Cassie says:

    I suspect ANYWHERE you are with Doug will seem like Heaven whatever the uninitiated might call the place. And let us not forget the words of Mark Twain (or it might have been Bernard Shaw—as I get older my MEMORY…)
    "Heaven for the climate, hell for the society" 🙂

  2. Cassie says:

    BTW being called a GIRL is a compliment few MEN ever earn (lol)

  3. Scott says:

    "BTW being called a GIRL is a compliment few MEN ever earn (lol)"
    I agree – some of us gay men can do things twice as good as women – like cooking, for instance LOL  🙂
    Sounds to me like this guy is an alcoholic.  When one of these nuts screams "YES!!!" while talking about their religion (like Michael Glatze), I automatically mark them off as a drug addict, or SOMETHING. 

  4. Unknown says:

    Kevin ignore this type of criticism, if marriage is the revered intuition claimed by these Christians why do we not hear them concerning themselves with the divorce rate (40% in the US/ NYT). The bible is very clear about the reason (1 only) god allows divorce and furthermore says that the partners should not REMARRY (Malachi 2:16 / Mark 10:11-12). Yet we have men and women who are divorced and get up in the church and teach in flagrant violation of Gods laws, exhibiting their immoral life style. Attacking the divorce rate would involve alienating the Heterosexuals (a majority population group, much easier to alienate the minority Homos) and as they make up most of the church it’s not going to happen with the sort of vitriol reserved for the Queers. Their premise that same sex relationships are immoral thus falls apart and the arguments that they so like to use to sledgehammer the point home ( gods laws) become irrelevant. I find it too easy to contradict these f**k wits to have any fun with this anymore, usually just tell them “go home and read your bible Bill-Bob” to quote Desmond Tutu “raise your argument not your voice” , Jung’s insights are not lost here either.Of all the patients I have seen "there has not been one whose problem in the last resort was not that of finding a religious outlook on life" C.G. Jung “Anything is possible, its explaining that’s tricky” Brian Kinney

  5. Kevin says:

    Hi Cass,
    Yes, being anywhere with Doug would be heaven. 
    Hi Scott,
    Being called a girl didn\’t bother me.  He seemed to think it would be an insult because of his unenlightened view of what marriage is.  I\’m not a girl, but I can cook just as well as any girl (well, maybe not Julia Child–one of my heroines!), and I\’m certain I can be a parent just as good as any girl can.  🙂
    Hi Alistair, 
    Yes, people tend to ignore most of the Bible when they attack the glbt community.  God hates divorce (apparently in all circumstances), but that doesn\’t stop some divorced people from telling me that I am immoral.  The nerve!  🙂
    And I felt the need to send this guy another message, but it was just going to be a mean one (like get a life and stop sending me harrassing messages) but decided I would let him sit in his own mess.

  6. Kevin says:

    Gosh…Let me tell you the truth ladies and gentlemens…Kevin(not me) is a GAY..oh my GOD!!!! Untill now, i dun even know how to have child with 2 penis. Go think about it..I think you and your HUSBAND(DOG) or something is really dgusting…I hate same sex marriage…its sucks!!!! Try and think… In the end of the worls, you\’ll see dead walker, dead speker..and JUDGE by JESUS..Kevin, HELL is a really scary place..Why you let me to sit on my mess??? i admire you are a smart guy..I apologize is bcoz i dun want to offend you..if you dun accept, FINE, i can keep it back and give it to JESUS..kevin,,just telling you now,ok,so you\’re a guy, a GUY!!!! GUY!!!! but you married your HUSBAND!!!!! Come on Kevin, think about it, you have more times to regret…ask god to forgive our SIN…

  7. Kevin says:

    You clearly are not mature enough to be discussing this matter.  And your English is atrocious.  That does take a bit away from your Christian, loving marriage, although your hate and ignorance comes shining through.
    But beyond the bad English (which I can forgive you for), clearly you have no grasp of reality.  You hate–yes, that is clear.  You are ignorant–yes, that is clear.  You need to think about your own religion because what you are practicing is hate and ignorance, which is something that Jesus would be totally against.  You need to get down on your knees and beg forgiveness from your God for acting like this.  I suggest you do it now before it is too late.  Ask God to forgive you for sending me a hateful message like this.  Otherwise, you are going to be thrown into the pit of hell.  You won\’t see me there, however. 
    I am married to my husband.  I don\’t know where you are from, but maybe you don\’t have the freedom that we have here in the United States.  That is unfortunate.  Clearly you need to work on your own sad, hateful life.  Good luck with that, because you are going to really need it!

  8. Kevin says:

    Actrocious or what…Anyway Kevin..Its your life..Im Fine..Yeah!Straight away tell you.I beg down and ask GOd to forgive two of us….I HOPE GOD WILL…I\’m not praticing how to hate in my religion..I\’m praticing to loves GOD..I cried last night..God know what happened..I\’m ignorant? Come on Kevin……………………………..OK ok…that\’s all…i dun want to argue with you any more…" DEAR GOD, FORGIVE ME..I\’M SINNER..GOD! FORGIVE KEVIN(GAY) too…HE DOSEN\’T WANT TO BE FORGIVEN….thanks god that Kevin forgive me too..thanks god that someone said i\’m ignorant, thankx god that someone suggested me to BEG DOWN MY KNEES TO ASK FOR FORIVENESS>…thankyou.,, IN my prayer god! AMEN!!

  9. Kevin says:

    Good Luck Kevin.  I shouldn\’t have made that nasty comment about your English.  It was just a dig out of anger.

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