The Newest No on 8 Ad

Here is the latest ad.  I’m hoping that Californians will not take away the rights of anyone.  If you vote Yes on 8–that is exactly what you will be doing. 

There was a good article in the S.F. Chronicle this morning on how Prop. 8 is really put together and paid for by conservative Christians.  Although people at the mega-church called the Rock (in San Diego) recently said this was a secular issue–it is not (and this is yet another lie in a long line of lies).  Clearly, when a religious group writes a change into the constitution to force everyone to live under religious beliefs, and it is paid for by Mormons and Catholics, it is forcing religious beliefs on everyone. 

Oh, and keep an eye out for the Letters to the Editor at the San Francisco Chronicle tomorrow.  I wrote a letter this morning after reading the front page mess about how Mormons, Catholics and conservative Christians are bankrolling Prop. 8.  The Chronicle called me earlier today.  It might be printed tomorrow.  We’ll see…


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