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As I mentioned yesterday, I sent in a Letter to the Editor to the San Francisco Chronicle and they called me in the afternoon to let me know they were considering publishing it. 

Here it is:

Religious persecution

Editor – Why should the entire population of the state of California be forced to live under a religious belief that marriage is between a man and a woman? We are told over and over again that Proposition 8 is a secular matter, yet the Mormons, the Catholics and the conservative Protestants wrote this measure, and are funding it.

This Prop. 8 is nothing less than religious persecution against those who have different beliefs. And if straight unmarried people think they are safe from these "conservatives"- think again. In Arkansas, there is a push by these religious groups to ban unmarried people from fostering children.

Once gays and lesbians have been persecuted with a change to the state Constitution, there is no telling who these people will set their sights on next. Vote No on Prop. 8 – it is religious persecution, pure and simple.


Redwood City


Also check out this Letter to the Editor, written by Peggy Lee Scott:

Editor – Regarding: "Conservative Christians lead Prop. 8 push," Oct. 14: We must speak out against the false claims of Proposition 8’s proponents. Prop. 8 would not change what our children are taught in their classrooms. It would teach them to respect differences.

Since Mormons have donated in excess of $9 million, accounting for at least 40 percent of Prop. 8’s donors, we Californians need to scrupulously guard against a secretive religious sect from Utah controlling and subverting civil rights law in our state.

But most of all, tell me why these people cannot say to their children what I say to mine nearly every day, namely, "It’s not how we do it in our family, but it’s the law." Voters don’t have to like or support gay marriage, they just have to recognize that under the law, everyone is equally entitled to their civil rights. Period.

We Californians need to stand up to cults and religious extremists who would seek to control our state’s Supreme Court and to limit our individual freedoms. Their insidious power – backed by extreme wealth – creates a very dangerous precedent.


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