We’re Still Ahead (I Think!)

A new poll shows that Prop. 8 is still heading for failure.  I really hope so.  I can’t believe that any American would vote to take a right away from another group.  I just hope they don’t regret it in the future when another group decides to take away one of their rights. 

But whether Prop. 8 is failing or winning depends on which poll you read.  The Knights of Columbus, the Catholic, anti-gay group who has donated nearly 2 million dollars to Prop. 8 took a poll and showed Prop. 8 was ahead.  I wouldn’t trust this poll any more than I would a poll taken by the Nazis on something regarding the Jews. 

I am preparing myself for the passage of Prop. 8, even though I would hate to wake up on Nov. 5 and wonder if I am still married.  I haven’t sent away for the official copy of the marriage license yet, but I am going to do that today.  That way if Prop. 8 passes, then I can at least put up the marriage certificate that we received from the state, and put up the letter we may get from the state telling me that people like Carlotta have come into my house and have destroyed my marriage.  🙂  I suppose then I could start a campaign against straight marriage, since it has destroyed a part of the fabric of society and has hurt my marriage…  I could also start a new ballot initiative that would change the Constitution to not allow divorce for any reason.  God would be happy with that (since he hates divorce), but I imagine many people who like to throw the Bible at gays and lesbians (and are divorced) wouldn’t be happy. 

But all-in-all, I think Prop. 8 will go down in defeat.  Barak Obama has a massive lead in the polls here in California.  Democrats, on average, are much more concerned about equal rights for people than Republicans.  So it is possible that this will help defeat Prop. 8.  And even if Prop. 8 passes, Obama is going to be the next President of the United States.  We will see a movement to have equal rights in this country.  And it is going to take a massive lawsuit to cancel the hundreds of thousands of weddings that have taken place.  I look forward to suing whoever I can for harassment and denying my equal protection under the law, which is part of the State Constitution. 

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