Happy Halloween?

I’m not sure if it will be a happy Halloween or not, considering that Cass just told me that Prop. 8 is ahead is some polls.  Well, I just sent away for the marriage license today, and as I told Cass, I wonder what will I be when I wake up on Nov. 5–married, divorced, non-existent, never married in the first place, or still married but in limbo.  It will probably be like that horrible scene from Dallas when a year or so of the show was deleted in a dream sequence.  Maybe I’ll wake up on the 5th and I will have to pretend that I was never married, just to make a few homophobes happy.  Yes, they are homophobes.  They do hate, regardless of what they say.  They hide their sick hate behind a good religion.  I think on Saturday I’ll have to make up a new sign.  Prop. 8=Hate.  That is what it really is.  And at least my sign would be the truth, as opposed to Prop. 8=Parental Rights and Prop 8=Free Speech. 

But I’m not giving up that easily.  There is still a good chance that with the landslide election for Obama that we will retain the right to marry.  And that hateful Prop. 8 doesn’t say anything about dissolving the marriages that the State of California has already recognized. 

O.k.–back to Halloween.  I try to carve a pumpkin or two–mostly to have the seeds to roast.  It’s something my mom did while we were growing up and I still roast, salt and then gobble them down!  So that is what I did today (in between getting my classes ready for tomorrow).  They aren’t the happiest looking pumpkins I’ve ever carved.  But I suppose they are matching my mood…

I am looking forward to the kids coming on Friday.  I guess it is a big deal in our new neighborhood.  We’ve bought our candy (and Doug has already opened it–I hope there is some left for Friday!).  Of course, I’ve plastered the front and side windows of the house with No on 8 posters–that might keep some people away.  Who knows?

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7 Responses to Happy Halloween?

  1. Ted says:

    Ack. What polls? I just frantically googled and found nothing before last week\’s PPIC poll!

  2. Cassie says:

    also http://oxdown.firedoglake.com/diary/1001  which is a LITTLE better news but the contest could go either way. Get out and fight! I live in Minnesota and this is a State Issue but I have put in my two cents in my latest blog entry "An Open Letter to All Californians" I hope it is of some help.  http://cass-of-shadows.spaces.live.com/

  3. Laura says:

    Kevin, I love the pumpkins!  We have yet to get ours carved and we are running out of time.  I\’m starting to decorate for our party on Friday.  The kids and their friends are really looking forward to it.  Happy Halloween

  4. Kevin says:

    Hi Cass,
    I couldn\’t get the Mercury News to open, but I\’d rather believe the other link you gave me!  Maybe I feel like putting my head in the sand right now.  Well, not really.
    Hey Laura!
    I had fun doing them.  And the seeds are pretty good too.
    Hi Ted,
    How are things?  I didn\’t see anything in today\’s paper…

  5. Cassie says:

    So would I—but don\’t forget the people don\’t vote until next Tuesday—the GLBT Community  in Califoenia needs to be out in force this weekend reminding people that this is a BAD idea—because once voters start taking rights away from minorities where does it end?

  6. Cassie says:


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