Write to Marry Day


I noticed on Pam’s House Blend that today is Write to Marry Day, a day in which we can write about the horrible hateful Prop. 8.  It is also a time to write about our marriages and the right to have them and the right to keep them (for Christ’s sake, I can’t believe I even have to deal with this!!!).  It is being run by a blog called Mombian, Sustenance For Lesbian Moms, run by Dana.  You can see an updated list of blogs who participated here.  I sent my link in yesterday.

But I am going to talk about it again today.  I drove home from work and noticed a Yes on 8 sign in one of my neighbor’s yard.  I just happen to know that two gay people live in that same apartment building (I think there are 4 apartments, but not sure).  I know one is visiting from Mexico and not sure about the other one.  But I was pretty furious when I saw it.  I considered knocking on their door and introducing myself.  But at the moment I am too angry.  But it did spur me to put up my No on 8 poster in the yard.  We have a corner lot, so people can see it from 3 of the 4 corners.  I am a little nervous about it, especially after getting that phone call and letter.  But I am now getting beyond being nervous and am now getting angry.  Angry that I have to wonder whether some bigots are going to control my life and my future.  They can do it. And they are bigots–no question about it.  They are hateful people.   Sadly, most of the people that I saw on Saturday standing out with their Yes on 8 posters were of various groups that have had a very long history of persecution in this country. After speaking with a few of them, I realized they had no clue about their history–they were only concerned with fighting this with God and taking away my right.  Of course, not a single one of them could recite Prop. 8–especially the part about eliminating a right.  Not a single one.  They don’t want to say it because saying it would acknowledge exactly what they are doing.  These people should be ashamed of themselves.  Every single one of them.  They seem to know less about their own religion than they do Prop. 8 as well.

Anyway, I’ve decided I will talk about this issue with all of my classes.  There is no better way to do this than to come out to all of them, and ask that they think about what they are doing when they vote.  I’m going to make sure they understand that if they vote yes, they are directly voting against me.  That is really what they will be doing.  And if they are thinking about voting yes, then at least they can imagine me when they walk into the voting booth.

That also reminds me:  I was listening to my favorite radio station (92.7 fm) and Mark Leno, State Assemblyman was on.  He reminded everyone about the hateful, horrible Briggs Initiative that was put to the voters exactly 30 years ago.  The Brigg’s Initiative would have made it illegal for gays and lesbians to teach–everywhere.  From kindergarten all the way up through university.  If that had passed (and thank God that some Californians actually had brains) I would not be teaching today in California.  The people behind Prop. 8, and all those who will vote for Prop. 8, are just like the people who voted for the Brigg’s Initiative. A week before the vote came, a poll was taken and a whopping 61% of Californians stated they were for Prop. 6.  But it failed, despite the fact that even Jerry Falwell jumped on the hate bandwagon at a rally in San Diego.  As I said, thank God that most Californians used their brains when they voted.  And Prop. 8 is even worse that Prop. 6 because Prop. 8 takes away a right that has already been given.  It is disgusting, and anti-American to do something like this.  These bigots hide behind a good religion when they discuss Prop. 8.

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