New Poll on Prop. 8

I just told Doug that I need to stop reading these polls.  Today a new poll was released today showing Prop. 8 losing.  44% said they will vote to take away a right already given, and 49% said they will vote NO.  That is good.  We just donated a bit more money for the final push to make sure that we can stay married.  A good sign is that on Tuesday I sent away for our marriage license, and it arrived today!  That must be a record for turnaround in the mail. 

I’m trying not to think about this too much and these ups and downs are killing me.  Well, it will be over soon.

And off the subject, my husband fell off his bike today.  It rained for part of the night and I told him to take the train to work (I had to work this morning and had an 8 am appointment, so I would have driven him).  But he refused.  So he rode his bike over some unused railroad tracks and his tires slipped.  He has those biking shoes that attach him to the pedals, so he fell on his right side.  His bike broke (again) and then he had to carry the bike home.  He then went to the emergency room because his elbow was full of road grit that he couldn’t get out.  They numbed his arm and then scrubbed it clean (yuk).  He also scraped his right hip.  So he is on antibiotics and took the day off.  I just wish that stupid bike would disappear…

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6 Responses to New Poll on Prop. 8

  1. Cassie says:

    Tell Doug that bikes don\’t like him.

  2. Joe says:

    Please tell Doug to take the bus, it is safer and you can wear real shoes…..-Joe

  3. Cassie says:

    And remind EVERYBODY to get out there with the signs and remind people that Prop 8 is a disgrace to the ideals of freedom that we as Americans claim to value so highly!

  4. Cassie says:

    See my entry "Quoth the Parrot…" from my November 1 blog.

  5. Justin says:

    I am pulling for you that Prop 8 will fail however, if it doesn\’t  what the Religious Right has not told their people is that they just laid in their laps the biggest and costliest legal headache they could ever be given and they did it all in the name of G-d.  The courts can still step in and throw this Prop out because it is based on Biblical Law.  The last I heard California is not a Theocracy and believe me "possum" there are plenty of lawyers out there just waiting to challenge this proposition and make the people of California foot the bill. 
    Now to you and that accident prone husband of yours.  I worry more about you being a widower than a divorcee :).  Heres what you do.  When Doug goes to sleep you quitely slip his bike out to your great vegetable patch and the Great Thanksgiving Turkey will take it and leave you 3 of the most marvelous yams you ever saw.  Of course your cover story will have to be it was most likely an alien abduction you know like "Well, maybe ET needed it to get home".  If he asks about the yams just say well you know being a alien he probaby thought that a fair trade for the bike.  Anyway I\’m sure you can come up with something clever.  Remember dahlinka "If you cant dazzel him with your brillance baffel him with your BS".  Im sure he will get over missing that two wheeled death trap in no time.   

  6. Kevin says:

    Hi everyone,
    Trying to tell Doug what to do is like talking to a brick wall (when he disagrees!).  🙂
    And Justin–I agree–I hope that people sue like hell when this is all over.  One way or the other.  If it fails, and I really hope it does, I would be happy to join a class-action suit against these churches that have used tax-free money for a political movement.  I would also be happy to sue them for harrassment and violating my rights for equal treatment under the law.  If Prop. 8 supporters think this will be over if it passes, then have another thing coming…

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