The Weekend

It was a rainy, cool weekend here.  One joy was to see the Yes on 8 people getting poured on.  They looked miserable and it was raining so hard I am certain they didn’t see my two thumbs down!  🙂  I’m sure they weren’t miserable though–god makes the rain fall on the good and the evil, doesn’t he?  Now I just need to decide what group these people are really in.  After a nano-second of thought, I decided what group they were in.  And you don’t need me to tell you.

We voted yesterday.  Doug didn’t think he would be able to get out of work on Tuesday early enough to get to the polling booth.  We were probably there nearly an hour standing in line with everyone else.  It was good to see such a huge turnout.  I didn’t want to vote early–I like the excitement of going into the polling place on Tuesdays.  And I can already feel myself getting nervous about that day.  I am pretty certain who is going to be our next president, but not so certain that Californians have it in them to think independently from a few hateful priests/ministers and fake-religious leaders.  But I am trying to stay upbeat about it.  I just have to remember that I was certain the State Supreme Court would say that gays and lesbians were not protected under the equal protection clause–and they proved me wrong.  Of course, it is a bit different this time.  The yes on 8 people know that their political party is in shambles and this is one way they can make up for it.

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