A Drop of 8% Support in 8 Years

This is the percentage of the loss of support in the anti-gay crowd.  In 2000 Prop. 22 (which was declared to be unconstitutional), 60% of voters who voted voted against gays and lesbians.  But this new anti-gay Proposition 8 is on the verge of possibly passing with ONLY 52%.  Now the probable passing of Prop. 8 is disappointing, but it should all give us hope.  The anti-gay side lost a whopping 8% of their support base.  I noticed that the anti-gay crowd who are patting themselves on the back today for taking away a right can’t get themselves to state how close the vote really was.  They only say it was passed by a majority.  It was, but a bare majority.  And one even stated that it was passed by ‘droves.’  Yeah. 

Luckily the trend will continue.  Next year it will be 51%.  The year after 50%.  Who knows, it may drop even faster.  They just barely won this time (if they actually have won).  Their time in the sun is nearly over.  Justice always wins in the end.  And maybe all the lawsuits that have been filed will kill this proposition faster than their support is dropping. 

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4 Responses to A Drop of 8% Support in 8 Years

  1. Justin says:

    I was sorry to hear that the ban passed however I am putting my faith in the Courts who I think will ultimately overturn this travisty against gay civil rights.  At the extent of sounding racist after disecting the polls it shows the bill actually passed due to the record number of blacks who turned out to vote for Obama.  The data shows that 7 of 10 blacks voted for the ban while the whites were split on the issue.  I cannot imagine a people who should never support taking away rights from any group would support such a bill. I can only imagine the rage if a ban on inter-racial marriage was voted into place or a ban on the rights of women and blacks to vote.
    Alas, for the present our only hope will be in the Justice System because we will not be able to rely on the politicians to do what is right and just.
    Hopefully the three law suits working their way in the courts today will correct the situation.
    I\’m still pulling for you guys.

  2. Deb says:

    You know I have to comment after what you said the other day…   "If
    McCain wins the election, I wonder if I will be married tomorrow?"

    Obama won.  Prop 8 passed.  

    Now listen to this…  This black woman who invited my partner and I to
    her bedroom because she thought or assumed that we were promiscuous has
    voted YES for prop 8.    I asked her why she voted for Obama and she
    couldn\’t give me one logical reason or give me any thoughts about
    Obama\’s policies.   Check it out on my blog, I wrote about it. 
    Hypocritical that a black woman who bases her vote upon skin color, who
    has been with women and was still trying to woo Madelene and myself has
    voted yes for prop 8. 

    Makes you really wonder what their agenda\’s all about…….   

  3. Justin says:

    Deb, I will never understand how anyone who demands that thier rights be respected and would let alone try to seduce you and your partner would dare to vote to deny others their own rights.  Sorry this woman is not only hypocritical but is one sick puppy as well.

  4. Kevin says:

    Hi Deb,
    You are right–McCain wasn\’t elected, yet I don\’t know if I am married or not.  And Justin is right 7 out of 10 African Americans voted to take away a right of another group.  The problem here is education.  I wish I would make a time machine and take those 7 African Americans back to the south in the 1850s.  Let them see how they were treated by a minority.  Of course what they had to suffer isn\’t what I have had to suffer.  It doesn\’t even come close.  Then I would take them to 1965 when the Civil Rights Act was passed by the legislature. Then I would take them to an alternative 1965 where their civil rights were put to a vote.  I don\’t have to tell you what the outcome of that vote would be.  Then I would take them back to Nov. 2 and ask them to think about how they will now vote for Prop. 8.  The people who are overjoyed at the Obama victory, but yet voted away a right of a group, should be ashamed of themselves.  Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about people being accepted by the content of their character.  Those who voted for Prop. 8 went against everything MLK Jr had to say.  They should be ashamed.
    And yes Justin–I think the court will take care of this mess.  There is no way a group can vote out another group, AND say there is no way to stop it.  The court is set up to protect minorities.  If that protection is taken away, as it was with Prop. 8, then no one is safe.

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