I was so happy to hear that There was going to be a big protest march in San Francisco and in other places in California to protest the passing of Prop. 8.  I heard about it Friday morning and Doug and I would have gone to it, but we had a flight to catch to Seattle for the weekend.  But I am looking forward to going to protests, especially outside these homo-hating churches and the Mormon church, both of which used tax-free dollars to push a political agenda.

Everyone I know is energized about this.  Other things that we should and can do:

1)  DON’T spend a dime on the people and the organizations that put money into Prop. 8.  Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be making my own list of people who donated to Prop. 8 in my area, like dentists, doctors and various businesses.  This information is free to the public and people should NOT be spending their money at a business that donated money to take away a right.

2)  DON’T spend a dime in places that aren’t gay friendly, especially when going on vacation (and in particular I am thinking of southern California).  If you are going on a vacation, stay and gay-owned and operated hotels/B&Bs.  Eat at gay friendly cafes and restaurants.  Go to gay friendly bars.  Spend your money on gay-friendly brands.  Don’t give these people a dime who voted to take away a right.

3)  Protest, protest, protest, especially at the homo-hating churches that pushed their religious agenda on all of us. 

4)  Push the IRS to take away the tax-free status of every church that put money into this political campaign of hate.  It really does work.  I sent a large packet of information to the IRS about Peter LaBarbera’s so-called americansfortruthabouthomosexuality and even though the IRS said it could not tell me what it would do with the information, Peter LaBarbera mentioned it on another blog.  They didn’t take away his tax-free status, but he’ll think twice now about talking about candidates.

5)  Finally, don’t give up hope just yet.  They only passed this by 52%.  That is it.  They showed their weakness with this propostion.  They were probably surprised they didn’t get more.  At least now we don’t have to hear them whine about how 60-some percent voted against gay marriage in 2000.  My guess is that they won’t say they only won this by 52%.  It sounds lame and they know it.

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2 Responses to Protest!

  1. Cassie says:

    I\’m not certain how much protest marches will help—as this was not some law enacted by some faceless State or Federal Bureaucracy—this was a law passed by your neighbors and co-workers—people you pass on the street everyday. Prejudice hides behind many faces (some of them even SMILING ones—at least. until your back is turned). Boycotts will probably prove equally ineffective since I doubt very much that those businesses that put money INTO getting this bill passed really want GLBT clientele anyway. It\’s not like when you encounter one rabid homophobic somewhere—THEN you can protest to the corporate offices and either get that employee censured or re-trained or both. (Or, in the most extreme cases—fired). But when homophobia is company policy they may be less concerned at losing our business. As for the "homo-hating Churches" you run into a problem trying to lift their tax exempt status. You can\’t do it because their religion TEACHES that God denounces homosexuality. Freedom of religion would probably force even those Churches who DON\’T agree with these bigots to defend them because the PRINCIPLE must be defended. Places of Religious Worship must be free from Civil interference UNLESS a definite crime can be proved.
    All of us would LOVE to see a church that used its donations to fund a political campaign like this get clobbered. But what about a church that uses some of its donations to fund an ad campaign to spread a message of love—or to ask people to send money to help feed starving people somewhere? It gets sticky, as you can see.
    BUT—writing to senators, congressmen and judges to remind them of what the voters of the state of California have REALLY just done (see my blog entry for today "A Monday Morning Meditation") that the passage of Proposition 8 cannot be enforced simply because they made the mistake of voting to take away a right a group of people already HAD. Kevin, you made that point like a gazillion times, but even you don\’t seem to have realized what power that gives the Gay Community. Go read my aforementioned blog and you will see that there is no way Prop 8 will ever be enforced—if you just make sure the proper authorites understand what it REALLY does and why California is not like Florida 🙂

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi Cass,
    I\’m not sure what you mean when you said "Kevin, you made that point like a gazillion times, but even you don\’t seem to have realized what power that gives the Gay Community."  I have a feeling you mean I don\’t realize what the passage of Prop. 8 has done to energize the gay community?  If so, I\’ve mentioned that already (and it has certainly energized me).  But if you mean something else, let me know.

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