Adoption Update #1

There will probably be quite a few of these updates–I’m not sure if I will number them or not…

Last night was our first meeting with the adoption agency.  We were in a room with three other couples and a single woman.  One couple was straight.  I’m not sure about the single woman.  But there were three gay couples, all wanting to adopt children that have been abused, neglected and tossed away by their straight birth parents.  Where are all the straight couples who voted to ‘preserve the family’?  I guess they meant their own family and not these abused and neglected children…

Anyway, I wasn’t really thinking about that since there were more important things to think about.  There are 80,000 children in the foster care system!  Jesus, I didn’t realize there were so many kids without homes.  When we fill out the next set of paperwork, then the process will really start.  There are three Saturdays of learning about psychology of children, the psychology of bonding and so on.  Then the 4-9 months of home meetings with social workers and case workers.  After that, a child (maybe two if they are siblings) will be slowly allowed to adapt to us and us to them.  Then we will officially be foster parents and the child (or children) who are placed with us will eventually be adopted by us and that process starts as soon as we become foster parents.

The children the agency works with has children from the age of 3 on up to 17 (at 18 they are kicked out of the foster care system–I can’t imagine being 18, not have a home, not have a family and no where to live).  75% of the kids in San Francisco County are African American.  About 15% are Latino children.  The rest are a mix.  Nearly all have been abused in one way or another and nearly all are affected by fetal alcohol syndrome.  We don’t care about the race of the child we will adopt.  We don’t really care all that much about age, except I would prefer a younger child but would definitely say no to an older child who really needs stability and family.  As I said, I can’t imagine being tossed out at 18. 

So the process begins.  And thinking about the future, we also ordered three more trees for our yard–a Baby Crawford Peach, a Catalina Plum and a BlackJack fig.  They will arrive (bareroot) the second or third week of January.  That will add to the lime, orange and tangerine that we planted last March and our already-grown lemon tree (which is bursting with lemons).  By the time the child (or children) arrive, we should have a ton of fruit!

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One Response to Adoption Update #1

  1. Laura says:

    I can\’t wait for my kids to finally have some cousins!!!!

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