Protesting the Protest

Interesting.  I’ve seen a few bloggers who voted Yes on Prop. 8.  Remember that a Yes vote said that you were taking away a right.  Now that Prop. 8 has passed, there has been an absolute groundswell of glbt activism.  We’ve seen how a group of people can actually vote to take away a right from another group.  This is anti-American and dangerous to our democracy.  Hopefully the State Supreme Court will see the danger in this as well and dump Prop. 8 in the garbage where it belongs.

According to at least one person, Stacy Harp, they won ‘fair and square.’  That is, of course, if you believe ‘fair and square’ includes lying about what Prop. 8 really was.  She also thinks that we should be good citizens and lay back and take the fact that a right has been voted away. 

She states:

And I hope that if you’re someone who voted YES on 8 that you will also take a stand and do a counter protest where they will be protesting YOUR VOTE.


Let me finish her sentence (since I’m not sure if Stacy actually read the wording of Prop. 8):

And I hope that if you’re someone who voted YES on 8 that you will also take a stand and do a counter protest where they will be protesting YOUR VOTE which voted away a right that was already given. 

You see, no one would like their rights voted away.  If that was the case, Stacy, as a woman, may have her equal rights voted away at some point.  I imagine she wouldn’t be very happy with that.  And her own marriage could easily be put to a vote.  I imagine she wouldn’t like that either.  I doubt she would be a ‘gracious citizen’ if that happened.  Being a ‘citizen’ of this state means that you are fully protected under the law.  This protection means that the tyranny of the majority cannot willy-nilly vote away a right.  That is what it means to be a citizen.  And I would think that being a gracious citizen of this state would mean that one wouldn’t even think about voting away a right that was already given.  But I guess that is just my definition of what it means to be a gracious citizen. 

That said, I have to say that I am over being angry at those who voted yes.  I think they were told so many lies by the Yes on 8 campaign and many people can’t be blamed for believing all the crap that was put out.  Regardless of the outcome of Prop. 8, we all have to live here.  And part of living here means making our voices heard.  Tomorrow is going to be an amazing day of protest.  I am so looking forward to it.

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4 Responses to Protesting the Protest

  1. Joe says:

    There is a strange sense of moral superiority from folks like Stacy.   They truly in their hearts believe this is about darkness over light, god versus satan.  So it is not surprise to me that they feel justified in their actions without any regard for the pain or anger of those on the other side.Christians like Stacy are highly against Sharia Law Courts in England and call it unjust for one religious group to inflict their religious beliefs on everyone.   Yet in a short sighted effort, they are happy to create laws right here in the US based on their religious beliefs.   For some unknown reason, the dots are connecting for them, but it will connect later some other religious group tries to take their rights away.

  2. Joe says:

    Sorry for the poor typing, I just woke up!

  3. Cassie says:

    We must remember that Christianity (and FUNDAMENTALIST Christianity, in particular) are FAITH based, Meaning that logical thinking is NOT encouraged. She can\’t help the goofiness of most of her blog entries….she\’s never learned to use her BRAIN.

  4. Deb says:

    It\’s a never ending battle with these types of people. If given the opportunity to take away your rights, they\’ll be the first ones out there because they have absolutely nothing better to do. What gets me is, a friend of mine who is African-American voted yes for Prop 8, yet she\’s bisexual when she wants to be.  Not only that, but just like Obermann stated on that video: blacks weren\’t even allowed to marry each other, no less date white people.  They were given their rights, and now 75% of them voted yes for Prop 8.  That\’s what gets me—hypocrites.  I don\’t care about these religious zealots voting for it- it bothers me more when hypocrites for for it. 

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