Chilean Cardinal and Hypocrisy

It is hard to believe what people will say sometimes.  You have to wonder if Cardinal Jorge Medina was awake when he said what he did.  He was at (of all things) a mass in honor of a Augusto Pinochet, a horrible dictator who had thousands and thousands of people killed who disagreed with him.  Does Medina think that Pinochet is in heaven, sitting at the right hand of God?  I wonder where those thousands of people are?  In hell?  He also said that anyone who is seeking justice for what Pinochet did to them were only seeking revenge!  Good God. 

Anyway, as he is giving his disgusting tribute to this dictator, he has the nerve to then complain about Madonna!  Jesus–how many thousands of people has Madonna killed?  This guy needs to be sent home to his castle (or wherever a retired Cardinal gets to spend his remaining days) in shame.  He, in my opinion, is what is wrong with some parts of the Catholic Church.  No doubt Pinochet had ties to this guy and probably greased his palm every once in a while.  It is no wonder that Medina did a mass for a mass torturer.

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One Response to Chilean Cardinal and Hypocrisy

  1. Cassie says:

    He doesn\’t seem to be complaining about Madonna to me. All he said was that she "arouses impure thoughts". Probably the first good impure thoughts he had had in decades. As for Pinochet—he has his karma to deal with just as we all have. But it strikes me that the greatest revenge (or justice) for those who are seeking it has already been granted—they have outlived him 🙂

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